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  1. I have a high amount of respect for the kitchen staff at the club. Our club serves daily lunch to the entire employee base at the club. So daily I see the work they put in. Ever walk into the kitchen during a club function? It doesn't matter if it's a party of 10 or 350, they are busting their ass. If I think for a second we operate at a high pace, all I have to do it look at what they are doing and the pace they operate at, it's crazy! Great analogy Paul. Chef's, Golf Pro's, Superintendent's, we all deal with the same members, thus the same pressures. Substance abuse, anxiety, depression, yes the similarities are spooky. Just had this conversation with our Pro.
  2. Thanks pal. has cooled down quite a bit and have just beat up some fairways and over seeded with bent. Trying to get a leg up on the poa. Don't know if this is stupid or not but they half dead from scald anyway so....... Labor Day is right around the corner!

  3. Frank,

    Hey don't anyone tell you different, you're a great Super :). The advice you give on Turfnet solidifies that! Love your comment about the Banvel as well as other advice you have given. You definitely have the been there done that experience. Good luck in this extreme heat. I'm sure your holding your own and doing nothing stupid in this heat.


  4. Not a Yankees Fan, just a self deprecating Sox fan.

  5. You are in Boston, I hope you're not a Yankees fan? Shame on you if you are :)

  6. Aggressive Greenkeeping is the death of finer grasses

  7. Jeff Johnson

    The Minikahda Club

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