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  1. I only passed because Fred help me with the answers.
  2. Great piece Randy! Timely too but where can I get some of those Tode grenades?
  3. My new favorite member😎 I think Paul forgot to mention to tell people to hurry up and come play it before I screw it up.
  4. Once again and as always ,you are so ahead of the curve. You would think by now all of the golf publications would have put out what you are expressing now. Why have they not said we give up Randy! Help us to see your clarity and stay on the leading edge of societal evolution. Thank you for beaming us in on the essence of our profession and always with a smile. You have become the perfect morning in my day where all is well and golf is just a game and good stretch of the legs. Thank you.
  5. Once again the genius of Randy can make a doofus look like he knows what he is babbling about. Thanks again Randy for the magic.
  6. I'm in but I am camera shy just in case you cheat me out of the win.
  7. Once again, pure genius! Are you using GDD on the growth regulator?
  8. Okay, so I broke down and watched it. As always, spot on and beautiful. Nice sunrise sky how long did you have to find a morning for that!
  9. I was going to watch your video until I read what you said it does to our brains. So call me and let me know what's in the video.
  10. Once again brilliant stuff. I happened to have been a qc kicker too.
  11. Great Piece Randy. I hope Larry gets to read the piece and comment. You keep coming up with stuff that shows us all how ahead of the times you really are. Oh yea, its the pioneers that have the arrows in the back, hows your feeling?
  12. Randy stopped blocking comments. This is genius stuff. Who would ever think of a walking tournament for seniors. You are killing it my friend.
  13. Hey Randy its not true! You can do beauty shot video's. Hey do you do weddings? I know I am going to regret posting this. Merry Christmas. Doc
  14. That is very funny and spot on. And it is a great day in America! Thank you for your service!!
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