Video: View From The Road 4/16/2011

3 Responses to “Video: View From The Road 4/16/2011”

  • rww:

    Good job, Dave. You gettin’ real good at this. I like the intro and the intro music.
    Before the next music poll, please listen to Joe Bonamassa and early Reverend Billy G. and Freddie King and Johnny Winter and–

    And don’t offer monkeys unless you intend to have monkeys.

  • Dave Wilber:

    OMG…are you gonna become the Monkey Police, Wilson? Really? And sure..let’s talk about BB and Muddy and Son House and and and and…that’s why that guitar player question is so absurd.

  • rww:

    And Robin Trower and Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore and I’m waiting to see you try to drive with a spider monkey flailing around back there with a soil probe

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