There Is Stuff To Be Thankful For And Stuff To Loathe

This is the time of year when people find reasons to list what they are thankful for.

I’ve never been much for doing what everyone does. And I’m not real big on lists either. The creative types and Perez Hiltons of the world are apt to take the opportunity to list what they aren’t thankful for. Some of them don’t seem to be thankful for much of anything.

In further evolution of the species, a lot of people seem to be thankful for is the ability to miss the annual family show down. The option is to stand in line at Wal-mart all day Thursday for the Black Friday deals.

I’ve got something left over in my brain from Mad Magazine or something like that wherein I often think of things as Hot and Not . You know, kind of an ongoing brew of what’s really happening and what is to dislike.

Here it is in list form, because this blog won’t Vulcan Mind Meld as of yet:


  1. Apple Products. You can’t deny the innovation.
  2. Foster The People. Great band, great guys, including my friend Sean Cimino on guitar.
  3. Mini Cooper. If there’s ever a car for the future, the Mini has made a statement.
  4. Phosphites. Nothing has made more of a difference in more spray programs.
  5. Organic Fertilizers. Never a better time for choices and cost-effectiveness.

Not So Hot:

  1. Professional Sports. Yes, you all don’t make enough money—so stop playing and go work in the chosen profession of your college major.
  2. The Irrigation Industry. Control Systems=FAIL. (see #1 above for an option). Cost=FAIL (if we are ever gonna build golf again it has to be different).
  3. Hybrid Cars. Sorry Prius and Voltheads, but #3 above and the TDI and small turbo engines from VW, BMW and Ford are winners without 900 pounds of battery cells to worry about.
  4. General Managers. That’s right, ask for your Super to save the club another hundred grand.
  5. Trade Shows. I’ve never really understood them, but even the big ones are on life suppport. Ever meet a vendor that likes a good trade show?

I’m pretty sure that neither one of those lists covers it. But it is a fun exercise to put your mind around. For most people the cold list is much easier than the hot list.

Personally, I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot that needs to change. Isn’t that always the case? Most of all, I’m thankful for the friends and clients that I’m close with. Those people who have embraced Turfheadism, not as a disease to be hidden from our “non Green” friends and unturfheadlike families are unique and wonderful. Who couldn’t be thankful for them and those like them (us)?

6 Responses to “There Is Stuff To Be Thankful For And Stuff To Loathe”

  • Dave,

    Love your list, but gotta take issue with the Prius one being “not so hot.” More specifically, my wife would disagree. Something heartwarming about driving 400 mi and filling up on 20 of today’s $$. She doesn’t get amped about too much so don’t deny her this one 🙂


  • Scott:

    Hey Dave,

    The list is all good, save for:
    #2: I had just cleansed my mind of that “Funked up Kicks” song prior to reading your blog. Foster The People may be great guys but that song has an amazing “ear worm” quality to me…visit Whole Foods if you want to hear it once an hour.

    #3: The original Mini is and continues to be hot…hello and welcome to the statement made by Sir Alec Issigonis more than 50 years ago…the first front wheel drive car with a transverse mounted powerplant…amazing efficiency and use of space, not to mention performance capabilities…countless platform duplications have proven that it WAS a car for the future.

    The new mini is a cute rebadged bimmer with a repop design that appeals to the nostalgic side of the masses. It is a great car and a solid buy when stacked against the new Fiat 500(too popular for price budging) but really a retro statement of immitation in design.

  • Dave Wilber:

    @Scott. Brother, it’s “Pumped Up Kicks” and you are right, it’s the National Anthem of Whole Foods and teenybopper mall stores. Not at all representative of what Mark Foster is really capable of.

    Totally agree on the old vs new mini. Excellent point.

  • Dave Wilber:

    @kevin. If J’s Prius is the version that will parallel park itself, then she gets a pass. But remember to save up for a new battery and to contribute to a good environmental charity to offset the Prius batteries clogging up landfills in China.

  • Mike LaRoque:

    Definitely agree with Mac OS for irrigation. I switched from PC a year ago…I dont know why I didn’t do it sooner!

  • I completely agree with the irrigation control comment. Upgrading to a new system now, but wish they would incorporate Mac OS. It blows away ease in operation compaired to PC. Shame