Spring Symposium, Dr. Frank Wong

I can’t hold it against him. Dr. Wong wanted to be with his wife in the DC area and well let’s face it, The University of California system is pretty much on life support. So now, Dr. Wong takes up residence in the DC area and he finds himself working with Bayer Environmental Sciences. Guess what? Good fit. Good for us all. I love Dr. Wong. He’s an amazing guy and whatever he is doing he is going to

be great at it. Really great.


So today Dr. Wong is doing his job and talking about Bayer products and Stress-Gard formulations and how the plant physiology works in the role of radiation management. I think we are going to hear a lot about pigments and radiation management. We are definitely seeing a lot of folks bring this “green” technology to the marketplace. Bayer is ahead of the game right now and it’s going to pay for a lot of us to look at this technology and listen carefully to the words of wisdom of Wong and those that are looking at this work. It’s a good thing.

I‘m in. I’ve seen it working in the field and in a lot of cases, the 10% or so better makes a huge difference in overall job health…er….Turf Health.


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