Wilber FAQ

The Wilber FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Where does Dave Wilber live?

Rocklin, California. Somewhere just outside of Sacramento in Northern California.

Some people consider Dave Wilber to be the Original TurfHead.  What’s that all about?

Turfhead was a phrase coined one night after a few people were talking about turfgrass way too much and Dave decided that they were better than Jimmy Buffet fans, called Parrot Heads. Dave has since used this phrase to describe the truly immersed grass grower.

What is the difference between Turfhead and Turfgrass Zealot?

One can be a Zealot and be a Turfhead. However, one can’t be a Zealot without being a Turfhead. So there is an order. A matter of degree.

Does Dave prefer the Mac or the PC?

Dave Wilber uses the Apple Macintosh nearly exclusively unless someone makes him use “the other”.

Dave was once a superintendent, back in the day. Does he ever regret not continuing on that path?

Dave often says that he misses growing grass. But agronomic advising was a good choice. Dave’s ultimate desire is to be with superintendents and interact with superintendents every day.

Does Dave play any musical instruments?

Yes. Dave is an avid bass player and plays guitar just a little.

What brand Of bass eoes Dave prefer?

Dave is the owner of a vintage Fender Precision Bass that is his number one. His collection of instruments includes 2 Fender ’64 re-release Jazz basses, a Warwick 4-string and 5-string , a Cavin Fretless and an NS Design Electric Upright.

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What is Granola Management?

Granola Management is a term coined by Jon Scott ( current Dir. of Agronomy for Jack Nicklaus), to describe Dave’s descriptions of his program (as a superintendent) that was free of pesticides and filled with molasses and other Vegan inputs. His agronomic advising continues along these lines today.

How many rounds of golf does Dave play per year?

Not many. His love for firm, dry and fast conditions limits his options. Dave has, however, played golf on 7 continents.

What does Dave believe is the best path to job security?

Be Current. Be Indispensable. Don’t be bound by “The Rules”.

What does Dave Wilber think to be the best application of technology in turfgrass management today?

The Internet including email and social networking. Wireless technology of all kinds. And computer designed ergonomic cup holders.

How long has Dave been doing the online networking thing?

Dave proudly bought his first 1200 baud phone modem and got “online” in 1990. Since then he has steadily upgraded his connections to his current fiber optic high-speed network. Dave was once named by Wired Magazine as one of the most influential online community members on The Net because he hung out with a bunch of old hippy geeks on a place called The Well. Dave was one of the original member of the Turfhead geek group called Turfbyte started by Duane Patton.

Obviously this blog is not paying Dave’s bills. What is his “day job”?

In summer of 2007, after 15 years of independent consulting, Dave was offered the option to merge his company (Wilber Turf and Soil Services) with an independent turf supplier, Sierra Pacific, owned by Don and Becky Naumann . Dave holds the position of Director of Agronomy with the Sierra Pacific organization. The merge has worked out to be an excellent marriage.

Does this mean that Dave is no longer an agronomy consultant?

Not at all. In fact, Dave continues to consult, test soil, write, speak and do whatever it takes to support superintendents and architects.

Who is Dave Wilber’s favorite writer?

There are several. John Steinbeck. Donald Miller. David Sedaris. The Apostle Paul. Dr. Seuss. Tom Doak.

What would Dave be doing if he wasn’t in the Golf Turf business?

Writer. Chef (like his Father). Pro Bass Player (rather than amateur). Hairdresser.

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