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I Would Like to Acknowledge a True Friend

Back in October, I was having a bit of a life crisis. No…Not a bit of one…A huge one. And Thomas Bastis was there for me. So, I wrote this post in a place where I was working out some angst. I think it should be shared.


You Should Have One Just Like Him  (October 5, 2009)

by Dave Wilber

This is Thomas. Not Tom. Not Tommy…although I call him that because it’s like some kind of wannabe mobster thing, you know..Hey, Tommy! But as always, I digress.

I ported one of my deep personal Blogs over to Facebook and Thomas, like many others, saw them and realized something was very wrong. He was the first call and he asked…no..he demanded that I call back and that we get in touch. I avoided him. I didn’t feel like having a hands free cell phone conversation with him over my pathetic life.

You know…some phone things just shouldn’t happen. Bluetooth or no.

Let me tell you about Thomas. I was in my office one day and a young college student called me. Found me on the Web or something and had all kinds of questions. Later, I ran into him at the location of his college internship. After that, someone had hired him at a place I was doing some consulting. Then another more high profile job and then another. Thomas, you see, is a rockstar. He doesn’t want to hear that, but in my world and in my book, he’s an ace, first call, honest to Freebird, rockstar. I’ve been blessed to watch him grow and now and then he’s used the word Mentor for me and it makes me as uncomfortable as a banana at a monkey movie night. And the truth is, if he and I were applying for a job, he would win. He can call me any damn thing he wants, but that’s the truth. Read the rest of this entry »

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