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  • Jason Ferrell, Ph.D., University of Florida: Glyphosate: Friend or foe
    Apr 26 2018
    Glyphosate is the most commonly used herbicide in the world, with more than 250 million pounds of active ingredient applied annually. It has long been seen as an ideal herbicide with a clean toxicology and environmental profile. In recent years, this molecule has become the center of a great deal...

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  • tips for quick green up on a driving range tee
    posted Today, 08:34 AM by Bill Brooks
    "Last year just before snowfall we renovated our driving range tee.  4lb/80-20blue-rye mix per/1k, starter fertilizer, light app of topdressing, and finished with a white seed guard fabric...."
  • Well pipe
    posted Today, 07:04 AM by Stephen Curry
    "Has anyone used Kwik-set plastic sched 120 pipe for a well pump?   Thanks, Steve "
  • Standard Golf Force Flex Stakes
    posted Apr 20 2018 by Terry Davio
    "Has anyone ever installed Standard Golf's Force Flex Stakes? My club has been using the Flex Stakes from R&R Products for the past few years to mark our 150's, and we've decided to upgrade to w..."

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Kevin Ross: DIY Drive Assembly Puller
Kevin's Tips & Tricks: Dating T&O Containers
Hector's Shop: Tire Repair w/Combo Patch

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Frankly Speaking

The Mindful Superintendent
  • May the Force be with you… or not
    "How many times have you struggled with a problem only to find that the tighter your grip, the more elusive the answer became? You doubled down, squared your shoulders and refocused, only to find that in your fervor, the problem had resolved itself without your intervention. Lost in the haze of yo..."   Read more →


THE LADDER TurfNetRADIO podcast series

DAVE WILBER: The Turfgrass Zealot


Career & Tech Interchange

LIVING LEGENDS: Where are they now?

  • Matt Shaffer: Gone fishin'
    "In this episode of Living Legends, presented by the Nufarm Insider, host John Reitman has a wide-ranging chat with Matt Shaffer, recently retired from Merion Golf Club, host of the 2013 U.S. Open.   Matt's retrospective includes his Penn State education and mentors there... th..."   Read more →

PETER McCORMICK: View from the Cheap Seats

  • What's your story? Uhhh...
    "A few years back my wife and I attended the annual dinner meeting of the Passamaquoddy Yacht Club, of which we were new members. Sounds kind of snooty, doesn't it? Ahhh, names often belie the true nature of things. The Passamaquoddy Yacht Club is half sailing organiz..."   Read more →


Third Way Green
  • It’s My Baby
    "There is an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry takes his car to his mechanic for a knocking noise. After the mechanic determines the problem with the car, he tells Jerry the adjustments the car needs in order to operate at its maximum level. Jerry thinks these repairs are overkill and tells the mech..."   Read more →


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  • Douglas Wildt

    The Principia Schools, St. Louis, Mo
  • James Dennison

    Carroll Valley Golf Course @ Liberty Mountain Resort, Carroll Valley, PA
  • William Walsh

    Traditions at the Glen- hotel-golf-spa, Johnson City, NY.
  • Tim Ross

    Fox Chapel Golf Club, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Jason Hurwitz

    Fox Chapel Golf Club, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Kris Kalil

    Huntmore Golf Club, Brighton
  • Brian Thomson

    Biltmore Country Club, North Barrington, IL






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