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  • green speed, nitrogen, and iron
    posted Yesterday, 06:23 PM by Castle Jeremy
    "I am searching for a very lean nitorgen diet on ultradwarf bermudagrass. I however do not trust manufacturers on Nitrogen amounts on products. I understand nitrogen is in almost every product, but..."
  • Toro Network 8000 Sensor Input Board
    posted Yesterday, 04:27 PM by Jim Husting, CGCS
    "This is a stretch and a reach out....but after 23 years my Sensor Input Board part# 995-60 has given out! This is a discontinued item, unfortunately and I am doing some research to see if Toro will..."
  • Groundsmaster 328D
    posted May 23 2017 by Mark Grogan
    "Have an 94 mower which takes forever to heat the glow plugs to start. After it starts runs fine, It only has 8800 hrs hate to give it up "

Valencia Golf Course, Naples, FL

LandCare, Yucca Valley, CA

LandCare, Santa Fe Springs, CA

LandCare, San Clemente, CA

LandCare, North Phoenix, AZ

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Ski rack makes great hose-pulling bracket
Hector's Shop: Don't Blow Your Fuse
Kevin Ross: Ross & Rossi, Ranting!

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Here at the 'Rock
  • The Origins of "Momma" Rockbottum
    "We are often asked if the character of "Momma" is based on a real person.  The answer is yes.  My grandmother on my father's side was a fearsome woman known throughout Jackson, Tennessee as "Momma Ida", a broom-swinging matriarch who raised ten kids during the depths of the Great Depression. She did this alone, exce..."   Read more →
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Frankly Speaking

The Mindful Superintendent
  • Performance Anxiety...
    "When you write a blog with a certain theme you are constantly on the lookout for inspiration. No matter where you are or what you are doing, a thought or idea can sneak up and whisper to you. If you are mindful enough to create some space that day..."   Read more →


The Turfgrass Zealot


Career & Tech Interchange
  • Five Must-Do Tech Tips for Today's Superintendent
    "From time to time, we delve into the greater world of technology in this blog. There is an enormous amount of tech and platforms available out there; I certainly don't pretend to have an understanding of even a small percentage of what's available today. But I do kno..."   Read more →


regional updates

  • Jeff Vannoy on Summer Stress
    "In this episode of the BASF Pin Sheet, host Jon Kiger chats with Jeff Vannoy, Sr. Product Manager for BASF Turf. Topics include planning for (starting at EOP the previous fall), causal agents, and avoiding and/or minimizing sum..."   Read more →

MARTY RICHARDSON: Interning in Ireland

  • Road trips!
    "After settling in these first few weeks it was time to explore Dublin and the surrounding area. First stop was the village of Malahide, which is just across a narrow estuary and very visible from the Island Golf Club. I walked around there all day..."   Read more →


Third Way Green
  • Sustainable Landscaping Withstands Scrutiny...
    "Sustainable landscaping isnt about mowers that burn liquid propane, efficient irrigation systems, compost teas, or even native plants. While all of these efforts, and others like them, are steps along a continuum moving towards sustainability, they will all ultimatel..."   Read more →


THE LADDER TurfNetRADIO podcast series

  • Tom Zoller of Tehāma Golf Club: Fortunate career breaks
    "In this episode of The Ladder, host John Reitman chats with Tom Zoller, longtime superintendent and now Managing Director at Tehāma Golf Club (owned by Clint Eastwood) in Carmel, CA.  Zoller relates his experiences growing up and through the ranks of the greenkeeping..."   Read more →

LIVING LEGENDS: Where are they now?

  • Dick Rudolph: A lifetime of lessons
    "Leaders spend their lives inspiring others to strive for greatness, often against overwhelming odds.  As a superintendent for 40 years at multiple golf courses across California, Dick Rudolph, 71, knows the importance of encouraging and motivating others. It was a skill he lea..."   Read more →


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  • Stephen Shea

    Aeration technology inc., TAVERNIER , florida
  • Mike Ciaravino

    Hanah Mountain Resort & C.C., Margaretville NY
  • Ken Welzien

    Silver Spring Country Club, Ridgefield, CT
  • Paul Kersnick

    Village green golf course, Hickory Pa
  • Windsong Farm Club

    Windsong Farm Golf Club, Independence, Mn, 55359
  • Dan Sexton

    Smoky Mountain Country Club, Whittier, NC
  • Tim Kelley

    Wetherington Golf & Country Club, West Chester, Oh






  • "An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist a calamity in every opportunity."
        — Winston Churchill
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