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  • Brandon Horvath, Ph.D., University of Tennessee: What are you guys thinking?
    Jan 23 2018
    Have you ever wondered what makes university turfgrass professors tick? If so, you’re not alone.In this TurfNet University Webinar, Brandon Horvath, Ph.D., turfgrass pathologist at the University of Tennessee, will take attendees on a step-by-step approach to research- and science-based problem s...
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Recent Topics in The Forum (Members Only)

  • rough mower
    posted Yesterday, 08:51 AM by David Snyder
    "was looking for a rough unit and found the tri max snake pto mower looks pretty nice anyone have any opinions on it. thanks "
  • Management Books?
    posted Jan 12 2018 by Dustin Riley
    "Good morning,   With the GIS right around the corner, I expect to have some free time in the airport and on the plane.  I'm looking for recommendations for a management type book that can..."
  • Hourly Rate's Moving Forward
    posted Jan 11 2018 by Brian Benedict
    "Just wanted to hear from the masses on the increasing minimum wage as it begins now and goes through 2021.  I actually have no issue with the increase as $11.00 per hour in Metropolitan NY is..."

1988-1991 Bobcat Ransome XM3650 XM3652

Denver, Colorado


1st Products Seed-a-Vator UA60

Akron, New York


Greens Groomer Greens Brush

Akron, New York


The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards, Sunset, SC

Round Hill Club, Greenwich, CT

Fishers Island Club, Fishers Island, NY

Wyndemere Country Club, Naples, FL

Minocqua Country Club, Minocqua, WI

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Hector's Shop: End Grease Gun Frustration
Hector's Shop: Extreme Shop Makeover, 2018
Kevin Ross: Tree Pruning BMP... The Undercut

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Here at the 'Rock
  • What The Great Atlanta Ice Storm of '73 Taught Me About Golf
    "It was 45 years ago today that we entered the biggest and baddest of Atlanta's winter storms, The Great Ice Storm of '73.  With little warning, icy rain fell for hours and then froze like clear steel on Atlanta's trees, roads and power lines.  Big pines began to crash down on houses, splintering..."   Read more →
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Frankly Speaking

The Mindful Superintendent
  • Embracing Your Expiry Date...
    "Every now and again we all have moments that force us to tune in. It can be an achingly beautiful sunrise, that profound stillness that accompanies watching a child sleep, or the moments of reflection that come with the death of a loved one. Such events are so poignant and so groundless that we h..."   Read more →


THE LADDER TurfNetRADIO podcast series

  • Jared Weight of Muirfield Village Golf Club
    "In this episode of The Ladder, host John Reitman chats with Jared Weight, assistant superintendent at Muirfield Village Golf Club, Dublin, OH, about his career path, working with Paul B. Latshaw and Chad Mark, and golf course conditioning in Pittsburgh... among other..."   Read more →


Third Way Green
  • Putting 2017 in the Rear View...
    "Another year has come and almost gone, and like many of you I am taking stock of the past 12 months. Groundskeeping closely follows the clock and calendar, and our jobs are greatly influenced by both of these factors. December (or more broadly, winter) is a viewed by..."   Read more →


Career & Tech Interchange
  • Golf Knowledge is a Required Skill Today
    "With each passing year, the golf industry is changing. Gone are the days of new course construction and crazy numbers of rounds. However, at the top clubs most of you are aspiring to work at, something different has happened these clubs are transforming their course..."   Read more →

LIVING LEGENDS: Where are they now?

  • David Stone, of The Honors Course in Ooltewah, TN
    "In this episode of Living Legends, presented by the Nufarm Insider, host John Reitman chats with David Stone, retired superintendent at The Honors Course in Ooltewah, TN. Stone had been at The Honors Course since construction in 1982 (that's 35 years for anyone counting) and u..."   Read more →


  • Looking after the Non-Golfers...
    "A big part of our international members trips is making sure the non-golfers have side activities to partake in while the rest of the group is away playing golf. Thursday was moving day where as a group we were checking out of the hotel in St. Andrews and moving into..."   Read more →



regional updates

DAVE WILBER: The Turfgrass Zealot

PETER McCORMICK: View from the Cheap Seats

  • What are you gonna do?
    "After writing a monthly column in our now-retired print newsletter (TurfNet Monthly, for those not around then) for 17 or 18 years, I sort of ran out of things of import to say on a regular basis.  No sense contributing to more milquetoast, editorial drivel or fill-up-space pontification... there's plenty of that elsewhere.   Occasionally something starts the gears whirring..."   Read more →


Welcome New Members!

  • Sean A Hoolehan CGCS

    The Retreat and Links, Silvies Valley Ranch, Seneca OR
  • Craig Sullivan

    Wianno Club, Osterville, Ma
  • Stephen Klatcher

    Meadowbrook Golf and tennis, 1700 Huntigdon Valley PA 19006
  • Jeff Cholewa

    Northbrook Park District, Northbrook, Illinois
  • Shaun Terry

    Richmond Country Club, Richmond, VA
  • Mary Boyle

    Shadow Ridge Country Club, Omaha, Ne
  • Matt Kerens

    Paramount Country Club, New City, NY






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