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  • Procore Quad minis vs Needle
    posted Yesterday, 06:48 PM by Scott Fortier
    "I'd like to get a different set of tine blocks for my procore 660. It looks like either the quad mini blocks with 8 tines each and the needle tine heads with 6 tines each will both work. Can anyone..."
  • Bunker rake placement
    posted Jul 25 2017 by Jason Barndt
    "My Pro is pushing to have bunker rakes placed outside the bunkers. We have always kept them in to make it easier for the rough mowers. However I just dedicated a mower to green surrounds so I can m..."
  • Take-all patch
    posted Jul 25 2017 by Alden Maddocks
    "Our fairways and approaches have been experiencing a lot of take-all patch this summer.  The course is over 100 years old and we have not needed to grow-in any of the areas that area experienc..."

2011 Jacobsen 4 wd fairway mower LF570

Olmsted Twp, Ohio


Cushman jr sod cutter

Olmsted Twp, Ohio


John Deere fairway mower 7700

Olmsted Twp, Ohio


Bent Tree Country Club, Dallas, TX

Fairview Country Club, Greenwich, CT

James River Grounds Management, Inc, Glen Allen, VA

Groundskeeper, Ashland, MA

Greenbrier CC, Chesapeake, VA

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TurfNet Technician of the Year: Tony Nunes
Kevin Ross: Doggin' it at the GoPro Mountain Games

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Here at the 'Rock
  • How To Clone A Spray Rig
    "Back in '73, Norm assumed command of a wonderful muni outside of Atlanta; known as The Valley of Misery, it was rumored to be the last Dick Wilson course and it lived in a little village with a special golf name:  Redan. We pronounced it "Ree-dan", but newly arrived outsiders insisted it was "Ruh..."   Read more →
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regional updates
  • Summer Stress update from Kyle Miller
    "In this episode of the BASF Pin Sheet, host John Reitman caught up with BASF's Kyle Miller at the Southeastern Turfgrass Research Center Field Day on June 28 in Lexington, KY.   Kyle updates us on concerns of golf course superintendents regarding plant stress in mid-summer, and explains the mode of action of BASF's..."   Read more →

LIVING LEGENDS: Where are they now?


Frankly Speaking
  • Resistance Radio, Summer Edition
    "In this episode of Frankly Speaking -- Resistance Radio, Summer Edition -- I talk New England sports and relate it to turf management with Boston sports fans Dr. Ben McGraw, entomologist at Penn State University and Dr Jim Brosnan, weed scientist at the University of Tennessee..."   Read more →

DAVE WILBER: The Turfgrass Zealot

The Mindful Superintendent
  • Things I'm pretty sure to be so...
    "In everyone's life they have a few core things they know in their heart of hearts to be so. I hesitate to use the word truth, because it can so often get twisted and deformed. One person's version of "truth" can be vastly different from someone else's, so for the purpose of this piece, we will le..."   Read more →


MARTY RICHARDSON: Interning in Ireland


Third Way Green
  • I Wonder Why? ... Now I know.
    "Creating the connection between these two phrases is the hallmark of a great employee. But how does a manager or organization get people that can link these on their own? Is having an inquisitive mind a strength that is in one's DNA, or does the desire to learn need..."   Read more →


Career & Tech Interchange

THE LADDER TurfNetRADIO podcast series


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