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  • Old Jacobsen?
    posted May 03 2016 by Thomas Mynaugh
    "Anyone know what year this was made? Looks like it can still cut grass. "
  • Driving Range Maintenance
    posted May 03 2016 by Patrick Knelly
    "Hello All,    Looking to streamline and simplify our driving range maintenance.  We have a very rudimentary range, 3.5 ac of cool season hodgepodge on poor soil with no irrigation...."
  • Nimitz Nematicide
    posted May 03 2016 by Dave Schlagetter
    "Hi Boys   I've googled the a.i. and done some reading on this new product for nematodes.   Do any of you Turfnetters have field experience with this product?   Dave Schlagetter India..."

2007 Toro 2300

Akron, new york, -- Other/None


. Toro 2670 blower

AKRON,NEW YORK, -- Other/None


2005 Jacobsen GkV1

AKRON,NEW YORK, -- Other/None


2005 Jacobsen Gk1V-gas

AKRON,NEW YORK, -- Other/None


NuLeaf Lawn Care, Merrifield, VA

Tavistock Country Club, Haddonfield, NJ

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail @ Grand National, Opelika / Auburn, AL

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail @ Grand National, Opelika / Auburn, AL

The Lion Golf Club- Turfcare , Bremen, GA

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Kevin Ross: Fine-tune sand lines with binocs and a white towel
Paul Carter, CGCS: Predator Barriers for Bluebird Nest Boxes

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Here at the 'Rock
  • Our Favorite Success Indicator
    "In our modern world of performance measurement standards, quantifiable results and outcome-based incremental bonus/promotion charts, one thing remains as the key indicator of success:   Your truck.    "   Read more →
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Frankly Speaking





The Turfgrass Zealot


Interning in Ireland
  • Happy to be here in Ireland!
    "My name is Nathan McKinniss. I am a fourth-year student in the Sustainable Plant Systems major program at the Ohio State University with a specialization in Turfgrass Science. I will be finishing my last courses required f..."   Read more →

JIM McLOUGHLIN: Career Advancement is JOB ONE!

A Thesis: Why Most Superintendents Have Jobs -- But Not Careers -- And What To Do About It

The following question relating to the career welfare of every golf course superintendent across the country has to be asked and should be addressed:

"Why have GCSAA Boards continuously failed to address the singular most important issue of their time? Namely, that it is time to liberate superintendents from the long-standing conundrum where a solid majority of employers..." Read more >>


Career & Tech Interchange

THE LADDER TurfNetRADIO podcast series


Third Way Green
  • It Pays To Belong...
    "Many, if not most of us Green Industry professionals belong to professional associations or groups, and maintain professional certifications in those groups. In my case I am a Certified Arborist, Municipal Specialist with International S..."   Read more →


The Mindful Superintendent
  • Mind the Gap...
    "It's funny how our minds work. Sometimes the most innocuous thing can trigger a cascade of thought. Case in point: a few weeks back my neighbor told us he and his partner were going away on vacation and asked us to keep an eye on his house. He lef..."   Read more →

PETER McCORMICK: View from the Cheap Seats

  • Producer or consumer? What's your +/- rating?
    "My parents used to drill into my siblings and me, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything." I've taken that a step further lately with the adage, "If I don't have something meaningful to say, don't say anything." -- hence my hiatus from the Cheap Seats blog of late.  But I'm..."   Read more →


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  • Matthew deSilva

    Michigan State University Surplus Store, East Lansing, MI
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    The Hideaway, Ft Myers, Florida
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    Kutsher's Country Club, Monticello,NY
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    Cheyenne Country Club, Cheyenne, WY






  • "When one door closes another door opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us."
        — Alexander Graham Bell

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