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  • Superintendent Revenge idea
    posted Aug 27 2015 by Peter McCormick
    "Saw this on Twitter today, posted by Luke Knutson at Rockville Links on Long Island.  Hadn't seen this one before.   "
  • Perfectly Timed PRG pause?
    posted Aug 26 2015 by Dustin Riley
    "I am a fairly aggressive PGR user.  Primo, Trimmit and Cutless are included within my annual Greens program in one way or another.  I am fortunate to have the 3rd Monday in August re..."
  • Wetting Agent Injection System
    posted Aug 25 2015 by David Soltvedt
    "Survey: What systems/pumps are you running for injecting wetting agent through your irrigation system?...and for everyone that injects there will be a guy that says he prefers to spray wetting agen..."

Giant Vac PTO high capacity debris blower

Basking Ridge, New Jersey


Toro GM 3250 Triplex

Basking Ridge, New Jersey


Anglemaster 2000 Bedknife Grinder

Basking Ridge, New Jersey


2012 Ryan Sod cutter Jr

Basking Ridge, New Jersey


Cog Hill Golf and Country Club, Lemont, IL

Gardiner's Bay Country Club, Shelter Island Heights, NY

BridgeMill Athletic Club, Canton, GA

New Haven Country Club, Hamden, CT

Bronsons Turf & Horticulture Solutions, Palm Coast, FL

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Randy Wilson: Rise of the Machines (3:31)
Picatinny Tip: Wheel and Lock System for Portable Scoreboard
Picatinny Tip: Wheel and Lock System for Portable Scoreboard (1:38)
Giese on the Green, Part Three: Supporting the Wee One
Giese on the Green, Part Three: Supporting the Wee One (3:20)
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Here at the 'Rock
  • The Greatest Winter Project Ever!
    "Every 35 years or so, I get a brilliant idea. (The last one was joining the US Army.) My current brain-quake is still smoldering and forming, but here's a teaser of what might turn out to be the Greatest Golf Course Winter Project since we built our first barn Turf C..."   Read more →

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Frankly Speaking

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Career & Tech Interchange
  • Diversify Your Reference List
    "One major issue seems to come up in the vast majority of references -- no diversification! What does this mean? Well, most only list their peers (superintendents) on their references page. While this might be a good idea f..."   Read more →


Career Advancement is JOB ONE!




The Turfgrass Zealot


Third Way Green
  • Rethinking Restoration
    "Here at Drury University we have several tracts of land that we want to restore. When I say restore some may say restore to what? Many people conjure up images of native meadows or woodlands. Our campus project has the meadow option in m..."   Read more →


The Mindful Superintendent
  • Chrysalis
    "Back in the heady days of the late 90s, the golf industry was all about the creation of new courses. They could not build them fast enough, and everyone (Green Keepers included) rode the wave of euphoria that was to usher in a new age in golf. Fas..."   Read more →


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  • Rollie Torkelson

    Cumberland Golf Club, Cumberland, WI
  • RJ Graham

    Tanner Valley Golf Course, Syracuse, NY
  • James Leonard

    Houston Oaks Family Sports Retreat, Hockley, Texas
  • Eric Rodriguez

    Shady Canyon Golf Club, Irvine
  • Christopher Turner

    Hunt Valley Golf Club, Phoenix, MD
  • Shane Wright

    Vero Beach Country Club, Vero Beach, FL
  • Brian Stiehler

    Highlands Country Club, Highlands, NC





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