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  • Pinpoint
    posted Yesterday, 11:52 AM by Dave Schlagetter
    "Anyone use pinpoint for dollar spot control yet?   Thoughts?   We sprayed tees and fairways yesterday.  13.5oz/A   Haven't seen much dollar spot yet but the long weekend coming..."
  • Rainbird GSP
    posted Jun 26 2017 by Bill Brooks
    "Recently just purchased the GSP plan through Rainbird?  Just looking for some feedback out there for those who have it.  Our system was put in 17 years ago so even though the plan has som..."
  • workman 3200
    posted Jun 26 2017 by Jeff Moore
    "i was just wondering if any of you guys have had to reset the front steering for these 3200s...and how you went about doing it?  i have read in the manual that the main steering cylinder ram h..."

2012 Toro CrossTrax (AWD) 5510 Reelmaster model (03680)

Hickory, North Carolina


2007 John Deere 2653

Johnston, Iowa


2007 Toro 5210

Johnston, Iowa


Crop Production Services, Oxnard, CA

Schaffer's Mill Club, Truckee, CA

Bryn Mawr Country Club, Lincolnwood, IL

Talbot Country Club, Easton , MD

Talbot Country Club, Easton, MD

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Hector's Shop: Parasitic Drain Test
Kevin Ross: On Course with Joel Kachmarek
Ski rack makes great hose-pulling bracket

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Here at the 'Rock
  • Buddy's Method For World Class Success
    "Buddy has always been very successful at whatever he attempts, whether it's business, competitive sports, building cars from scratch or something difficult like golf course operations.  His secret:  If you observe Buddy carefully, it becomes obvious.  Painfully obvious. "Without persistence, you..."   Read more →
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regional updates
  • Jeff Vannoy on Summer Stress
    "In this episode of the BASF Pin Sheet, host Jon Kiger chats with Jeff Vannoy, Sr. Product Manager for BASF Turf. Topics include planning for (starting at EOP the previous fall), causal agents, and avoiding and/or minimizing summer stress on fine turf.   Jeff also explains the popular BASF Holiday Spray program which..."   Read more →

LIVING LEGENDS: Where are they now?


Frankly Speaking

The Mindful Superintendent
  • Things I'm pretty sure to be so...
    "In everyone's life they have a few core things they know in their heart of hearts to be so. I hesitate to use the word truth, because it can so often get twisted and deformed. One person's version of "truth" can be vastly different from someone else's, so for the purpose of this piece, we will le..."   Read more →


MARTY RICHARDSON: Interning in Ireland

  • Captain's Day and STRI visit...
    "The next few weeks at the Island Golf Club are going to be very busy. Starting with this weekend we have the Captains day and then the weekend after that we have the Open qualifier. Captains day is a member tournament put on by the course and the..."   Read more →


Third Way Green
  • Keep America Beautiful
    "Recently I was asked by a teacher here at Drury University to speak to a class studying the psychology of sustainability. While considering what I would say, I began to question where I came up with my environmental perspective. Turning back the clock in my head my f..."   Read more →


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THE LADDER TurfNetRADIO podcast series


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  • Pat Finlen

    The Olympic Club, San Francisco
  • Michael Schweizer

    Thunder Bay Golf, Hillman, Michigan
  • George Kervern

    St. Andrews Country Club, Boca Raton, Florida
  • Timothy Benedict

    North Hills Country Club, Manhasset, NY, USA
  • Tim Kortanek

    Herons Glen Golf and Country Club, Fort Myers, FL
  • William Kamerer

    Grassmere Country Club, Enfield, CT
  • Vince Ferrante

    Pebble Beach Company, Pebble Beach, CA






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