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  • Gators - TX vs TS
    posted Yesterday, 01:43 PM by Jeremy Adkins
    "I'm looking to replace utility carts, and would like to hear opinions from anyone that has both the TX and TS model Gators. I am aware of the differences between the models. I'm wondering if anyone..."
  • Help with a GKIV Spool Valve
    posted Yesterday, 10:02 AM by Adam Engle
    "Guys,   I've already posted in the wanted ads, but wanted to try here too..     We're in need of replacing a few sections of a spool valve on an older GKIV...  If you have a bon..."
  • Hiring from the UK?
    posted Jan 18 2017 by Peter McCormick
    "I received an inquiry from a British greenkeeper looking for employment in the US.  I assume this would be a temporary situation.   "My name is Paul Clarkson and I am a fully qualified Gr..."

2006 2 Husqvarna Fly Mowers HVT52

Newburgh, Indiana


1999 Toro Greensmaster 3200-D

Newburgh, Indiana


Toro Sandpro Bunker Pump - Brand New

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Bulls Bridge Golf Club, S. Kent , CT

Snake River Sporting Club, Jackson, WY

Snake River Sporting Club, Jackson, WY

Bulls Bridge Golf Club, S. Kent , CT

Snake River Sporting Club, Jackson, WY

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Train Your Best Friend: Keeping Your Pooch Fit in the Off-Season
Kevin Ross: Water Bottles Tested
Randy Wilson: The BEST Coffee

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TURFNET ON TOUR 2017: St. Andrews and BTME

  • Sunday at BTME: Early-bird Education
    "After our tour of Scotland and Ireland and the trip to Harrogate, it was time to get down to the business of learning.†It's only been a few years that BIGGA has offered education on Sunday. The thinking was that by extending the education into the prior weekend that..."   Read more →


Here at the 'Rock
  • Dynamics in Golf Course Maintenance
    "The most consistent complaint I receive concerning our films would be the perception of inconsistency. †The caller (it's always the phone, presumably to avoid leaving written evidence) lectures me on the need to stick with one kind of format, style, etc.†80% want gol..."   Read more →
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Frankly Speaking




The Turfgrass Zealot

PETER McCORMICK: View from the Cheap Seats

  • Those critical 15 minutes...
    "No, not the 15 Minutes of Fame. I'm talking about the 15 minutes that create discipline in a young employee, camaraderie in a crew, a few moments of bonding with the staff for a superintendent or other supervisor.†It's the 15 minutes before work starts at the beginning of the day.†The time around..."   Read more →


Career & Tech Interchange
  • Critical checklist for your online presence...
    "The very first article I wrote for TurfNet back in 2013 covered the many potential dangers of an online presence. I'm sure most of you have forgotten it and it's only gotten more important in the years since as social media continues its rise in our daily lives. As 2..."   Read more →


regional updates


Third Way Green
  • Joe Fearnís Management Maxims
    "Being a successful operation is about making pieces work effectively together. One of those pieces are the relationships in a team. The relationships are created by the principles that guide our work. These relationships might be task re..."   Read more →

The Mindful Superintendent
  • The Weight
    "Last week marked the 40th Anniversary of "The Last Waltz", the legendary final concert by the equally legendary musical ensemble, The Band.† While reflecting on the band and the film, I couldn't help but circle back to their most famous tune, The..."   Read more →

LIVING LEGENDS: Where are they now?

THE LADDER TurfNetRADIO podcast series


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  • Robert Knutson

    Heather Ridge Golf Club, Aurora,Co
  • ChiPing Cheung

    Kissimmee Bay Country Club, Kissimmee, FL
  • Mary Singler

    Atlantic Lighting & Irrigation, Gambrills, MD
  • Wayne Sexton

    Woodlake Lodge Golf and Country Club, Tazewell, TN
  • Bill Brooks

    Interlaken Golf Club, Fairmont, MN
  • Paul Sibley

    Golf Westminster, Westminster, CO
  • Blake Ramsey

    Golf Westminster, Westminster, CO






  • "Make the work interesting and the discipline will take care of itself..."
        — E. B. White
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