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  • What's TurfNet all about?

    TurfNet was founded in 1994 (almost 30 years ago) as a place for golf course superintendents, assistants, equipment technicians, suppliers and academics to network, exchange information, solve (and avoid) problems, save money and have a little fun in the process.

    The core of TurfNet has long been our Forum discussion area, which remains a key private, no-nonsense (except in specific areas intended for fun topics, such as hobbies, travel & vacation destinations, food & recipes, good books & movies), no-trolls medium for TurfNet members to meet and exchange information with other TurfNet members - programs, ideas, issues, what works and (often more importantly) what doesn't work.

    ...to network, exchange information, solve (and avoid) problems, save money and have a little fun in the process.

    Over the years TurfNet has grown and evolved into a daily online destination for many that features the industry's powerhouse job board, used equipment marketplace, award-winning newsdesk, venue for webinars, blogs and podcasts, industry awards and recognition programs, and international and domestic member trips... all attuned to and supported by TurfNet members.

    All of this is produced and orchestrated by a very small staff and group of key contributors. We constantly evaluate and leverage technology to produce what by any standard is an amazing amount of relevant content. We keep our ears to the ground and thumbs on the pulse of the industry to continually evaluate and innovate. Our flat staff hierarchy enables us to be nimble and responsive, quickly implementing what makes sense and discarding that which no longer does.

    Over the years TurfNet has grown and evolved into a daily online destination for many...

    If we were to poll TurfNet members as to what aspects of TurfNet they value most, we would get a wide variety of responses. Some love the Forum and use it daily to their benefit; others optimize their capital budgets by liquidating obsolete equipment, perhaps acquiring a good used piece, and utilizing alternate sources of less costly parts shared by other TurfNet members. Some use the webinars for economical staff training, the free job listings to hire good people, enjoy the videos and podcasts, and/or participate in our member trips. And enjoy the camaraderie of other TurfNet members around the world.

    Join us... it's a modest investment that keeps giving back throughout the year!


  • $295? I spill more than that out of my seed hopper each year!"

    Cheaper than a bad night of drinking..."

  • TurfNet member benefits include:

    • Three login accounts

    With separate login accounts for you, your assistant and your equipment tech, a TurfNet membership keeps your whole team in the loop so each of you can access our network and maximize utilization of your membership.

    •  The TurfNet Forum

    The TurfNet Forum facilitates painless problem solving and mistake avoidance. By tapping into a worldwide network for advice, you’ll get faster, better answers to solve your nagging issues or questions.


    • Free employment listings

    TurfNet's mega job board is the go-to source for turf industry job postings. Find and hire the right staff with free job listings and easy access to the résumés of eligible applicants. ($95 per listing for non-members)

    • Free used equipment buy and sell

    TurfNet's free used equipment listings offer a huge return for members. Liquidate obsolete equipment and parts to put that revenue back into something useful. ($99 per listing for non-members)

  • From a few years back:



    • INFORM
    • HAVE FUN!

    and we've been doing it for almost 30 years!


  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you're not 100% happy with your TurfNet membership or you feel we've let you down in any way, just contact us at any time and we'll refund your money paid for that entire year. No questions asked. You really have nothing to lose!





    • Randy Wilson
    • Dr. Frank Rossi
    • Kevin Ross, CGCS
    • Paul MacCormack
    • Joe Fearn
    • TurfNet interns abroad
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