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  • Post a job listing on the TurfNet Job Board:

    If you are a full TurfNet member or have registered with us previously, make sure you are signed in and then proceed directly to the Post a Job page (or click the blue Post a Job button at the top right of the jobs page -- must be signed in to see it). Job listings for all job categories are free for full TurfNet members.

    If you are not a TurfNet member but have registered an account with us previously, please sign in and then proceed directly to the Post a Job page (or click the blue Post a Job button at the top right of the jobs page). Job listings for non-members are $95 each, payable with credit card at checkout. You will be sent a receipt via email.


    Sign in if you're a member or have registered with us before. (Desktop/tablet above, mobile below).



    Once signed in and you see your name at top right, go to the jobs page and click the Post a Job button (right sidebar on desktop/tablet, above). Mobile below.


    Mobile "post a job" button.

    If you are not a member and have never registered with us beforeregister here for a guest/limited account. You will receive a verification email to which you must respond in order to finalize your account.  If you don't receive one and have checked your spam folder, please contact us.


    Register for an account if you have not registered with us before.

    Once that's done, sign in to TurfNet.com and proceed directly to the Post a Job page (or click the Post a Job button at the top right of the jobs page).

    Why do we ask you to register just to post a job listing? So you can manage the job listing yourself should you want to change any of the information, extend it after expiration, or delete it if the job is filled.

    To edit, renew or delete a job listing:

    Make sure you are signed in at top right, then navigate to the job listing in question. If you can't locate it, click the Account item in the menubar, then elect My Job Listings and then click the listing in question to open it. Click the Manage Job Listing button. Make your changes and save them. Edited job listings will be re-dated to the current date.



    Locate the listings through the Jobs section, or click Account on the menubar and then My Job Listings.


    With the job listing open, click the Manage Job Listing  button and select an option.
  • Not a member? Consider putting the $55 you would pay for a job listing toward a full year of TurfNet membership for only $140 more ($195 total). A full membership entitles you to:

    • Free job listings for 12 months
    • Free used equipment listings ($75 each for non-members)
    • Three login accounts (supt, asst, and mechanic)
    • TurfNet Forum access for all three
    • Access to all TurfNet University webinars (live and archived).

    It's the best deal in turf! Sign up here! You'll get instant access so you can start posting your free jobs listings right away.

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