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Dr. Frank Rossi: Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking: Dan Dinelli, CGCS, of North Shore Country Club

Posted in Frank Talk 18 November 2016 · 5,265 views

Topdressing ENCOURAGES accumulation of organic matter? Say what?


In this EPIC episode of Frankly Speaking, I chat, argue, holler and challenge Dan Dinelli, CGCS, at North Shore CC in Chicagoland and recipient of the GCSAA"s Presidential Award for Environmental Stewardship.


Our conversation ranges from Dan's long-term research in putting green rootzone behavior over time, to cultivar assessment and selection for the impending rebuilding of the 1924 greens at North Shore, to the successes and frustrations with golfer expectations, organic management and his current research on rootzones and OM accumulation.


Smart talk from leading thinkers in the golf turf industry. Presented by DryJect and Turf Screen.


Frankly Speaking: Dr. Paul Vincelli on the state of turf research and a lot more

Posted in Frank Talk 10 November 2016 · 1,581 views

In this episode of Frankly Speaking, I chat with Dr. Paul Vincelli of the University of Kentucky about the state of turf research in general and plant pathology in particular; looking outside the turf industry for inspiration and innovation that can be applied to turf; enhancing public knowledge about climate change; and the state of genetic research.


As always, frank talk from leading thinkers in the turf industry.


Presented by DryJect and Turf Screen.


Frankly Speaking: Chris Tritabaugh on managing for the Ryder Cup

Posted in Frank Talk 04 November 2016 · 1,250 views

In this episode of Frankly Speaking, I have a wonderful conversation with Chris Tritabaugh, golf course superintendent at Hazeltine National Golf Club, about his agronomic preparation and humanistic hopes for the Ryder Cup. Our wide-ranging and particularly open and honest -- in the Tritabaugh tradition -- conversation ranges from the community and atmosphere Chris crafted by invitation in the maintenance staff headquarters... to his active use of social media throughout the event... to the agronomics of topdressing strategies, use of ammonium sulfate as a primary N source, iron sulfate as a "heat sink" in late fall and early spring... to the "heron shit" incident... to his mantra of "work calmly from the top down and have fun". Check it out.


"Frank Chats" with Clint Mattox on Microdochium patch and Doug Soldat on Potassium nutrition

Posted in Frank Talk 20 October 2016 · 1,299 views

This episode of Frankly Speaking has two "Frank Chats": the first with Clint Mattox, PhD candidate at Oregon State University, on Microdochium patch/pink snow mold ... and the second with Dr. Doug Soldat about his potassium fertilization research at the University of Wisconsin|Madison.


Smart talk from leading thinkers and always Frankly Speaking.


Frankly Speaking with David Kuypers, CGCS, of Syngenta Canada

Posted in Frank Talk 23 September 2016 · 1,129 views


In this episode, I speak frankly with David Kuypers, CGCS, former golf course superintendent and now head of Lawn and Garden for Syngenta Canada. A Penn State alum (won't hold that against him) and instructor in the Guelph Turf Institute,


David and I discuss his career transition, Canadian pesticide regulation compared to that in the US, and the stormwater capture project he worked on while at the Cutten Club in Guelph.


Smart talk from leading thinkers and always Frankly Speaking.

Presented by Turf Screen and DryJect.


Frankly Speaking is presented by DryJect/Maximus by DryJect.
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