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  • Can anyone ID this weed?
    posted Jul 31 2015 by Fred Gehrisch
    "Can anyone ID this weed?  Its growing in our no mow areas.  Never remember there ever being a problem with it but this year its appearing everywhere in the native areas.  The stalk i..."
  • Practice green cups
    posted Jul 30 2015 by John Paquette
    "Been wanting to share a tip for years but just pulling the trigger now.  I learned this from long time Sands Point Superintendent Rich Raymond and all credit goes to him.   I've been..."
  • WOTUS....
    posted Jul 29 2015 by John Paquette
    "Anybody else scared?  This, if it actually does take effect regardless of all opposed, could cripple the golf world. "

Toro Tri-flex Boom with 3 way combo nozzles

windermere, Florida


Hydroflo 7GPH CJ4T11314-04014

Lutherville, Maryland


2004 Jacobsen HR51111

Pittsfield, Massachusetts


2005 Ventrac 4100

Pittsfield, Massachusetts


University Park Country Club, University Park, FL

James River Grounds Mgmt, Portsmouth, VA

Textron Specialized Vehicles, Springfield, IL

Jacobsen, A Textron Company, Corona, CA

Jacobsen, A Textron Company, Sandson, VA

TurfNetTV: Latest Videos

Hector's Shop on Tour: Quick Chain-Saw Touch-Up
Hector's Shop on Tour: Quick Chain-Saw Touch-Up (3:50)
Kevin Ross: In the backyard, it's grillin' time!
Kevin Ross: In the backyard, it's grillin' time! (4:02)
Giese on the Green, Part Two: First Impressions
Giese on the Green, Part Two: First Impressions (3:19)
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Here at the 'Rock
  • How We Worked Golf In 1970
    "In the spring of '70, Norm, my pro golfer/supt father, was hired to operate, renovate and resuscitate a little 9-hole CC in Covington, Tennessee.  This was before we discovered the small town, pseudo-country club business plan known as Hire In Spring--Fire Immediatel..."   Read more →

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Frankly Speaking

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Career & Tech Interchange
  • Diversify Your Reference List
    "One major issue seems to come up in the vast majority of references -- no diversification! What does this mean? Well, most only list their peers (superintendents) on their references page. While this might be a good idea f..."   Read more →


Career Advancement is JOB ONE!
  • Personal Appearance Matters - A Lot
    "Nothing delivers a negative message to employers and everyone else on campus more directly that a superintendent has defaulted into a laissez-faire work ethic than a poorly dressed, obviously out-o..."   Read more →




Interning at Lahinch
  • Collection Areas
    It is said that at the beginning of golf, bunkers came about by concentrated divots made where golf balls collected from the surrounding natural dunes. The turf present was completely stripped clean, leaving a bare spot in its wake, giving birth t...   Read more →


Third Way Green
  • What I have learned from TurfNet...
    "Please do not think this blog is shameless pandering to a site I am a member of. I joined TurfNet first as a user also contribute now as a blogger. I found TurfNet while looking for resources on general turf maintenance and sports turf...."   Read more →


The Mindful Superintendent
  • Small Gifts
    " "Everything is a gift. The degree to which we are awake to this truth is a measure of our gratefulness, and gratefulness is a measure of our aliveness." -- Brother David Steindl-Rast, Jesus and Lao Tzu: The Parallel Sayings When life is throwing..."   Read more →


The Turfgrass Zealot
  • The Zealot Loses His VIrginity, Soon You Will Too
    "I lost my virginity on a cold December morning in the mid 90's.   I had traveled on Planes, Trains and Taxis to get to the event. And I was so far out of my depth, I didn't even know how far that "far" really was. I arrived for the date about 6 ho..."   Read more →


Pitch Prep in the UK
  • 10 countries and 1000 cups of tea later...
    I have finished up my summer in Europe with trips to London and Paris with my family. In total, I traveled to ten different countries and met hundreds of turf professionals along the way. This trip was an incredible experience. My adventure with C...   Read more →


Welcome New Members

  • Christopher Turner

    Hunt Valley Golf Club, Phoenix, MD
  • Shane Wright

    Vero Beach Country Club, Vero Beach, FL
  • Brian Stiehler

    Highlands Country Club, Highlands, NC
  • Joseph Hills

    Blue Mash Golf Course, Laytonsville MD
  • Bill Emch

    Emch Bros, Woodville, OH
  • Erik Smith

    TPC Prestancia Heritage Golf Group, Sarasota Florida
  • Michael Straus

    TPC Prestancia/Heritage Golf Group, Sarasota, FL






  • "If 'new' equated with 'happy', there wouldn't be any antique stores..."
        — Wilfred Ford

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