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How do I attend a webinar?
It's easy. Register for the event by clicking the Register button (TurfNet members must be logged in to see it). You will be sent a confirmation email with a webinar ID code, along with reminder emails 24 hours and one hour before the scheduled event.

To join a webinar at the scheduled time, click the link in your confirmation or reminder emails. Or, go to www.joinwebinar.com and enter the webinar ID (provided in the confirmation email) and your email address. Either way, a small file will be downloaded to your computer. Click Yes or Always (or Trust on a Mac) if prompted to accept the download. You will automatically be connected to the webinar.

What equipment do I need?
  • Windows or Mac computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Internet connection (broadband is best)
  • On an iPad, iPhone or Android device, get the free GoToMeeting app from the App Store or Google Play
  • WiFi connection recommended to use VoIP.

Having trouble connecting? Click here for solutions.

TurfNet University live Webinar events are free for everyone. Access to most archived events is restricted to TurfNet members only. For more information about the benefits of TurfNet membership, click here. All Webinars begin at 1 p.m. eastern time unless otherwise noted.

Ken Rost, Frost Inc.: Just How Smart are Smart Sprayers?

Date:  May 09 2017
Just as phones have become smart, so too have sprayers in the turf industry.

In this TurfNet University Webinar, Ken Rost of Frost Inc. will discuss the features that constitute smart sprayers and how these technologies are revolutionizing the task of spraying.

This presentation also will detail precision application and the new world of variable-rate application, technologies that are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury to control input costs and strengthen stewardship.
Registration:   Open to everyone, free!    

Aaron Patton, Ph.D., Purdue University: Adjuvants: A Helpful Addition to the Spray Tank

Date:  May 25 2017
In this TurfNet University Webinar, Aaron Patton, Ph.D., of Purdue University will highlight the value of adjuvants in improving product performance.

An adjuvant is a product added to a spray application to: 1) improve biological activity of the pesticide, 2) modify the spray droplet, pattern or deposit, or 3) enhance handling characteristics of the spray solution. Adjuvants go by names such as acidifiers, buffering agents, compatibility agents, defoamers, deposition aid, drift control, humectants, oils, pH adjusters, spreaders, stickers, surfactants, and water conditioning agents.

A proper understanding of your spray tank water, the products you are using, the application conditions, spray nozzles, and the diverse functions of these different types of adjuvants will enhance your ability to select and use adjuvants to enhance product performance.
Registration:   Open to everyone, free!    

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