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Soil test reports traditionally have been used to determine nutrient needs. While laboratories provide accurate extractable nutrient data, their interpretations can vary and are often based on agricultural requirements, rather than those for fine turfgrasses. In addition, correlation and calibration data for intensively managed turfgrass is lacking. Golf course superintendents want to apply enough nutrients to meet annual plant needs, while avoiding luxury consumption. This approach offers efficiency, is cost effective, and provides optimum turfgrass vigor. 
Recently, scientists have collaborated on a new approach, known as the minimum level of sustainable nutrition (MLSN). The goal is to develop more accurate soil test guidelines. As a result, an increasingly accurate interpretation framework about when and how much nutrient to apply to intensively managed turfgrass swards, such as golf course putting greens.
In this Webinar, Gordon Kauffman III, Ph.D, of Brandt will cover the basics of MLSN, how the guidelines have and continue to evolve, offer examples, and provide the most current information about other factors that determine nutrient consumption, and thus the need for fertilizer applications.  In addition, broad nutrient management suggestions will be offered for a few key nutrients. 

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