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Since it was first discovered in the United States 20 years ago in Detroit, the invasive Emerald Ash Borer has decimated forests across much of North America, including more than 30 U.S. states.
In this TurfNet University webinar, Purdue University entomologist Clifford Sadof, Ph.D., will discuss how EAB kills trees and the risk posed by dead and dying trees to passers by and property. 
The presenter also will discuss how trees can be protected with insecticide, followed by an economic analysis and recent advances in how to best deploy treatments. 


In this TurfNet University webinar, Brandon Horvath, Ph.D., of the University of Tennessee will cover some of the warm-season maladies that seem to linger in the fall.
The presenter also will discuss winter diseases that you need to have thought about as it is upon us, and share some insights on what to prepare for to be ready to hit the ground running next season. Advice will include cultural and chemical solutions. 


Winter arrived early this year in many parts of the country, promising to nce again pose a challenge to those who grow annual bluegrass on putting greens and fairways in the North.
This TurfNet University Webinar by Kevin Frank, Ph.D., of Michigan State University, will focus on winter prep efforts and the most recent research results to help mitigate winterkill. 
Topics will include fall management practices such as topdressing, aeration, surface drainage improvement, fertilization, plant growth regulators, wetting agents and adjusting mowing height. 
Success and failures from the field will be discussed and the most recent research efforts to mitigate winterkill from around the country will be presented. 


Frank S. Rossi, Ph.D., of Cornell University will look back at 2022 and unload his thoughts on what has transpired throughout the year and in the recent past and explore turfgrass management trends that have emerged throughout the year and in the recent past. This presentation also will include information on how a global health crisis continues to affect the business of managing a golf course.
Topics for discussion might include various biotic and abiotic stresses that were prevalent throughout the year and how they might be exacerbated by current popular agronomic and cultural practices and what superintendents can do to manage them.
This presentation will address climate and pest management issues around the U.S. and Canada, and also will include advice on alternative strategies to alleviate the effects of these stress factors moving forward. 

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