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Assistant-in-Training or Summer Intern job


I am currently seeking an Assistant-in-Training role beginning in 2023 within a company and team that can help me learn more in accomplishing my career goal of becoming a Superintendent. I recently graduated from Limestone University with a Sports Management degree this August and eventually plan on pursuing a turf certification in the next year. I am looking to be exposed to the management side and experience a higher level of responsibility within a fast-paced environment. Having played lacrosse for 19 years and at a high level in college, I have gained a similar passion for the sport of golf and my love for the game has only  grown over the years working on Nantucket. I am eager to spend my time learning on different courses and from many leaders. I believe I can be a great asset to any crew because I am a team player, constant communicator, hard worker, and eager to learn and succeed.


General Studies associate Degree, Harford Community college ‘20

 Bachelor of Science in Sports Management, Limestone university ‘22


Date Available

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