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$995.00 and $995.00 per year

The Manufacturer membership level is intended to accommodate all interested and appropriate staff, and is also the starting point for advertising on TurfNet.com. The Manufacturer level includes:

  • As many login accounts with full privileges as you reasonably need (target limit is 25)
  • Full access to the TurfNet.com Forum for all login accounts
  • Free job listings
  • Free used equipment listings, for sale and wanted ($75 each for non-members). No limit on the number of listings per year; limited to 25 live at one time.
  • Invitation to our Beer & Pretzels Gala at GIS
  • Eligibility to sponsor our TurfNet Members' Trips
  • Featured Affiliate banner (125x125) rotation on the main page of TurfNet.com, linked to your website

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