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Living Legends

Dick Bator: Mentor to many

Posted 25 August 2017 · 1,196 views

In this episode, host John Reitman chats with career superintendent, mentor-to-many and current "international agronomy consultant", Dick Bator.


Bator's superintendent career included stops at Pine Valley, Merion and Oakmont. Over those years he mentored -- some may say 'tormented' -- many assistants who went on to careers as head superintendents.


He shares with us some of what made him tick, and advice for today. Some takeaways:

  • I hired good people, but pushed them and taught them survival tactics
  • Know the importance of detail work
  • Learn to delegate
  • Work in the trenches; I always did
  • Know where youre weak; hire people to fill those gaps
  • Dont mess up your personal life like I did. Too many divorces (3). Personal and family life is more important than the job. Biggest disappointment of my life.
  • Always seek out help; never stop learning
  • Today, I learn from every superintendent that I do consulting work for; and many are former assistants.
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Sep 04 2017

Great interview and great advice from a living legend. You can learn a lot from Dick, and the mistakes he openly says he made. 

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