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Living Legends

Dick Bator: Mentor to many

Posted 25 August 2017 · 3,331 views

In this episode, host John Reitman chats with career superintendent, mentor-to-many and current "international agronomy consultant", Dick Bator.


Bator's superintendent career included stops at Pine Valley, Merion and Oakmont. Over those years he mentored -- some may say 'tormented' -- many assistants who went on to careers as head superintendents.


He shares with us some of what made him tick, and advice for today. Some takeaways:

  • I hired good people, but pushed them and taught them survival tactics
  • Know the importance of detail work
  • Learn to delegate
  • Work in the trenches; I always did
  • Know where youre weak; hire people to fill those gaps
  • Dont mess up your personal life like I did. Too many divorces (3). Personal and family life is more important than the job. Biggest disappointment of my life.
  • Always seek out help; never stop learning
  • Today, I learn from every superintendent that I do consulting work for; and many are former assistants.
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Sep 04 2017

Great interview and great advice from a living legend. You can learn a lot from Dick, and the mistakes he openly says he made. 

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Michael Bavier
Nov 19 2017
A lot of good info Dick Bator. Haven seen or heard from you in years. Hoping to maybe meet up with you in San Antonio at the GCSAA conference. Keep up the good work.
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