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Turf Equipment Technician


The Equipment Technician will uphold grounds complex and equipment management responsibilities:

The Sand Valley grounds complex acts as the center of grounds operation for the Sand Valley, Mammoth Dunes, and Sandbox golf courses. The grounds complex consists of an office and breakroom building, technician’s shop, chemical building, and storage barn. The grounds complex currently also serves as the shipping and receiving facility, housekeeping operation, additional office space and storage. This facility was built in 2016 and is continuing to evolve and adapt to a growing resort. The Equipment Manager and Technicians put an emphasis on maintaining the equipment and grounds complex as their own while taking a great deal of pride in the product that is presented. The Equipment Manager and Technicians provide the Superintendents with the equipment and tools needed for them uphold the Sand Valley maintenance philosophy.

Equipment Technician Basic Functions:

  • Responsible for executing daily maintenance and repairs on golf course equipment and machines.
  • Assist with grounds complex parking control, equipment storage, traffic flow, and dumpster levels.
  • Works closely and coordinates with the Grounds Complex & Equipment Manager, and Assistant Equipment Manager on any issues related to golf course equipment.
  • Directs and participates in the construction and maintenance of the grounds.
  • Administers and enforces all Sand Valley LLC rules, regulations, and policies for staff.
  • Works closely with the Grounds Complex & Equipment Manager to operate the grounds complex and equipment management in a fiscally responsible and professional manner.
  • Must be able to work independently and be a self-starting problem solver.

 Equipment Technician Primary Duties:

  • Assist the Grounds Complex & Equipment Manager with everyday needs and planning.
  • Manage and maintain equipment of all types and sizes with gas, diesel, 2-cycle engines, and electric systems.
  • Check all cutting units for quality of cut on all greens, fairways, and surrounds mowers.
  • Service and maintain equipment to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Make repairs on machines as necessary to achieve minimal downtime.
  • Grind cutting units to ensure the highest quality of cut and turf health.
  • Communicate daily with the Equipment Managers to perform equipment adjustments and have all machines and equipment ready for their course needs.
  • Clean and organize the main shop for a safe work environment.
  • Plan upcoming equipment changes and services to allow for needed tasks on the golf courses to still be performed as scheduled.
  • Communicate with other technicians from the vendors regarding warranty needs and equipment improvements to suit our golf courses.
  • Make minor in-house repairs to the shop, buildings, and offices to minimize the need for contractors.
  • Utilize the tools around the shop to make repairs and custom fabrication in- house as much as possible, minimizing overall expenses.
  • Train equipment operators for proper machine operation, tool use, and safety.
  • Uphold the proper ways to maintain and repair the equipment, organize the facility, and honest communication.
  • Manage a large workload with the ability to prioritize and execute in the order of importance.
  • Assist with loading and unloading trucks for Shipping & Receiving.

Educational Requirements

High school education required; college degree preferred.     

Experience Requirements

  • 2 years applicable functional, supervisory and/or management experience, preferably in the golf industry.
  • Demonstrated experience and capability in the areas of strategic planning and staff management.
  • Demonstrated quality written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems; efficiently handle multiple duties under pressure with minimal supervision; work flexible hours as required including nights/weekends.
  • Positive attitude, professional manner, and appearance in all situations.


Date Job is Available


$20 to $26 per hour

Overtime: Yes

Job Application Instructions

email resume to Tom Liacone at tliacone@sandvalley.com


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