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Golf Course Superintendent or Superintendent/General Manager job

By Guest,


My Name is Jason D. Quarles and I am applying for a Golf Course Superintendent position that is currently available. My strong background in agronomy, along with my education and experience in Turfgrass Management, has given me a unique ability to understand the physiological aspect to excellent quality turf and plant nutrition.  My professional experience will provide an innovative approach to meet the needs required for exceptional playing surface.  My hands-on approach has allowed me to accomplish and provide constructive reinforcement amongst the team.  Furthermore, working at private golf courses has helped me to become detail oriented. My people skills will help me gain the trust of new and existing members. I feel developing and achieving leadership skills is a continual process in my career. With these skills, I can supervise daily routines efficiently, therefore providing the company with the best possible use of its resources. 

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