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Assistant Superintendent or 2nd Assistant Superintendent job


Experienced turf professional looking for a long term position under the direction of a superintendent that will help me develop the skills I will need to become a successful golf course superintendent in the future.


Associate of Applied Science in Golf and Landscape Management in Waco, Texas


Sprayer calibration and rate of application calculations. Pathogen and LDS diagnosis and ability to remediate expeditiously. Ability to backlap reels/face bed knifes and set heights of cut. Able to locate and repair leaks in the irrigation system in a timely manner as well as neatly back fill with minimal disturbance to the playing surface. Proficient and safe operator of all equipment. Ability to assist in the instruction and development of entry level employees. Moderate capability to communicate in Spanish, not fluent but effective. Ability to track and repair damaged station wire. Proficient in the repair of heads, replacing foot valves, proper nozzle selection, test and or replace solenoids. Trouble shooting issues with satellite control boxes. Able to change packing on pumps.

Date Available

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