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John Reitman

By John Reitman

Aquatrols launches 2 new nutritional products


Aquatrols' CarbN and Brawler both are formulated with UniGrow to promote even distribution.

For golf course superintendents concerned with even application of their turf nutritional products, Aquatrols has released two combination fertilizers.

092922aquatrols.pngCarbN with UniGrow and Brawler with UniGrow are the newest fertilizer offerings in Aquatrols' expanded nutrition product category. Each is formulated with UniGrow, Aquatrols' proprietary technology that facilitates efficient uptake by leaves and roots and promotes whole plant translocation, helping ensure even distribution of each application.
"Our goal is always to offer something not only unique to customers but also effective for common issues they face,” said Robert Wilson, Aquatrols product manager. “We feel that these two new products, along with our new proprietary technology, do just that and more." 

CarbN is a fast-acting nitrogen and soluble carbon solution with 16 percent total nitrogen that works to help increase micro-nutrient uptake and nitrogen efficiency, resulting in enhanced plant performance, the company says. 

Brawler is a phosphite fertilizer formulated with 24 percent soluble potash to increase tolerance of biotic and abiotic stresses by promoting plant defense mechanisms, such as systemic acquired resistance.

The label for each says they are safe for use on all turf types and all areas of the golf course and on athletic fields.

CarbN and Brawler are currently registered in 39 states throughout the U.S., with registration approvals pending in the remaining states.

For more information, visit Aquatrols.com/Nutritionals.

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