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John Reitman

By John Reitman

BASF launches 2 new fungicides with the active ingredient Revysol


BASF has launched two new fungicides for the turf market. 

Maxtima fungicide and Navicon Intrinsic brand fungicide feature the new Revysol active ingredient and provide broad-spectrum control on diseases such as dollar spot, anthracnose and spring dead spot. This chemistry is the only in its class to be designated Reduced Risk candidate by the Environmental Protection Agency, the company says. 

Navicon Intrinsic brand fungicide also delivers plant health benefits supporting turf to handle the toughest pressures. Maxtima fungicide and Navicon Intrinsic brand fungicide are the first isopropanolazoles, and provide control even on plant pathogen strains that are insensitive to DMIs.

Maxtima fungicide and Navicon Intrinsic brand fungicides have improved rainfastness and help provide effective and longer-lasting control of turfgrass diseases, like anthracnose, fairy ring, spring dead spot and dollar spot. 

With a unique mode of action, they deliver season-long control regardless of temperature at application.

Jim Kerns, Ph.D., associate professor and extension specialist of turfgrass pathology at North Carolina State University, has been working with both products for more than five years, applying them to research trials throughout North Carolina. 

"We applied Maxtima fungicide to creeping bentgrass and ultradwarf Bermudagrass greens during periods of the year where other DMIs are usually phytotoxic," Kerns said, "but we had not observed any phyto damage."

Revysol made a big splash in the BASF booth at this year's Golf Industry Show in San Diego. On June 26, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency granted label registration to the new fungicide. 

The active ingredient mefentrifluconazole is trademarked as Revysol.

Revysol fungicide, which was OK’d for use in Europe in March,  has a unique isopropanol link that can flex to control a broad spectrum of fungal diseases and DMI-resistant strains. 

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