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By John Reitman

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BASF launches Pylex herbicide


577b66c39f73e18679ab867b1a4231a9-.jpgAfter extensive field testing, BASF has launched Pylex herbicide for weed control in cool-season turf.
With the active ingredient topramezone, Pylex is labeled for post-emergent control of more than four- dozen grassy and broadleaf weeds, including Bermudagrass and creeping bentgrass in Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, fine fescue and perennial ryegrass on golf courses, athletic fields and sod farms.
It also is effective on other grassy weeds such as crabgrass and goosegrass as well as broadleaf weeds like dandelion, ground ivy, oxalis and more.
Topramezone has been used for weed control in corn and other agriculture applications for years. Pylex, which was used in field trials last year, received label registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in December.
Its systemic action attacks weeds by inhibiting the plant's ability to complete photosynthesis.
In other news, BASF also launched its Siesta insecticide for fire ant control.
With the active ingredient metaflumizone, Siesta is a sodium-blocker insecticide formulated from corn grit and soybean oil. It is effective as a broadcast treatment to control foraging ants as well as those on the mound.
Siesta is best applied in when temperatures are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit when ants are active, which is typically in early morning or late afternoon. It should not be applied in wet conditions or within 12 hours of anticipated rain events or scheduled irrigation.


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