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John Reitman

By John Reitman

Deere enhances labor-, fleet-management platform


For superintendents who want to get the most from their resources whether on site or remotely, John Deere recently launched Operations Center PRO Golf, an addition to its Operations Center PRO suite labor- and fleet-management system.

PRO Golf is a web-based golf course management platform that can be utilized via computer, tablet or smartphone giving superintendents the ability to manage their operations from anywhere at anytime.

The platform also helps dealers to better support customer needs by working together on product issues and parts and service, which can result in improved efficiency and productivity.

Through the golf course-management platform, superintendents can update job boards, assign tasks and monitor schedules; and track equipment location, schedule maintenance and monitor inventory in real time from anywhere through any connected device. 

Benefits of the platform include:

  • equipment and location history
  • fleet and crew reporting
  • job board management and crew communication
  • managing labor costs
  • parts inventory and dealer support
  • scheduled maintenance and engine hours

"By integrating the capabilities of our OnLink golf course management software into the Operations Center, we're providing our customers with a more tailored and efficient tool to manage their operations,” said Dave Anderson, product manager for John Deere. “This not only ensures the improvement of day-to-day activities but also enhances the overall sustainability and profitability of their courses."

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