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John Reitman

By John Reitman

Part II of Covid-related stress roundtable coming Dec. 9



In January, it was impossible to foresee what the rest of 2020 would look like. Covid 19 was just coming into the public forefront, but no one knew much if anything about it. Even when the virus began to take hold in March, it was unfathomable to think then that almost nine months later the virus would not only be a thing, but quite literally dictate just about every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

In response, TurfNet University sponsored by Brandt presented in the spring a 90-minute roundtable discussion presented by Paul MacCormack (Fox Meadow GC, Prince Edward Island), Jodie Cunningham (Optimus Talent Partners), Carlos Arraya (Bellerive GC, St. Louis) and Anthony Williams (TPC Four Seasons, Las Colinas, Irving, Texas). Our panel discussed personal and professional challenges, safety concerns and more. With much of the country in some version of Lockdown: The Sequel, our panel will reconvene Wednesday, December 9, for Covid-related stress and anxiety: Part II. The event is free for everyone. Click here to register.

When Covid became the headline in March, no one was prepared for what was to come. Two weeks to flatten the curve, etc., led us to believe it was something we could escape in a matter of weeks. But little was known of this invisible foe.

Our panel that includes Paul MacCormack, Jodie Cunningham, Carlos Arraya and Anthony Williams will discuss mental health issues, labor concerns, worn out golf courses, financial challenges associated with F&B and outings losses and more.

Instead, we entered into a surreal experience that has caught everyone off guard, and by April, many began grousing about how badly 2020 sucks. The Masters was postponed, the start of the Major League Baseball season was delayed until whenever, March Madness was simply canceled. Summer brought a glimmer of hope and with it, golfers, a lot of golfers.

Fresh off an ugly and contentious presidential election that still is not over, Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, hundreds of thousands of Americans sick, dying or dead, and the promise of an effective vaccine still in the future, there are quite literally no words to describe the level of "suckage" associated with 2020.

Despite the increase in play coast to coast, still it has been an odd year for golf. Play is up, budgets are down, outings and other revenue-generating events have been as hard to find on a golf course as a ball washer.

This time around, our panel will discuss mental health issues, labor concerns, worn out golf courses, financial challenges associated with F&B and outings losses and more.

Our panel also will look at where we’ve been and offer some ideas on where we are headed as an industry and some advice on how to manage your mental health as well as you do your operation.

The event is free for everyone and an archived recording also will be available on TurfNet.

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