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Peter McCormick

By Peter McCormick

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The Buchko Brush: Independent, reversible, customizable

The Buchko Brush Conditioning SystemThose walking the floor of the Golf Industry Show might notice an abundance of one product type or another in any given year. A few years ago it was turbine blowers; this year it happened to be turf brushes and brush systems.


The Buchko Brush, the latest product innovation and introduction from CTRgolf, wasn't ready for this year's GIS in San Diego but has now joined the fray in the greens brush arena.  Designed by Jeff Buchko (inventor of the Jacobsen MagKnife) and Kenny Wilson (also a former product designer and engineer at Jacobsen), the Buchko Brush Conditioning System sets itself apart in several ways:

  • Electric drive enables variable brush speed that can be adjusted according to turf conditions.
  • The brush direction is reversible via a simple rocker switch in the event a counter-rotating (forward) direction is desired.
  • It can be used independently of the mowing reel for use as a topdressing brush, or shut off when brushing is not desired.
  • The brush fits between the front roller and the reel (where a groomer would normally go); the platform and drive system will be adaptable to future attachments like a vertical blade groomer.
  • Three different brush densities are available for cool season, warm season and aggressive applications.

Jeff Buchko

"It's really the grooming brush for all grasses," said Buchko of the patent-pending brush system. "The soft brush is ideal for everyday use on cool season grasses and off-season use on warm-season grasses. The medium stiffness brush and controlled rotation speed is perfect for use on Bermuda or zoysia during periods of heavy growth. The 'Grass Kicker' as we call it is the stiffest brush for ultra-aggressive conditioning of heavy grasses."


The brushes are distinguished by their color (black, white and green, respectively) and can be easily exchanged via a magnetic release on the non-motor side of the unit.


The Buchko Brush Conditioning System is available now for Jacobsen Eclipse walk- and triplex greensmowers, and uses the on-board electrical supply on those units. A model to fit the Toro eFlex electric drive unit is coming soon, according to Buchko.


For greensmowers with traditional mechanical or hydraulic drive systems, a 48-volt lithium ion battery pack is available to drive the Buchko Brush. The battery units must be plugged in to recharge at night, and will last for eight or nine greens when fully charged.


Distribution is still being set up, but for ballpark purposes the Buchko Brush unit for mounting on electric mowers sells for $2000, while the model with optional battery pack will be in the $2500 vicinity.


More info at ctrgolf.com.


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