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John Reitman

By John Reitman

Toro unveils new line of transport vehicles

Toro has expanded its commercial vehicle portfolio with the new Vista shuttle, designed for transporting multiple passengers. The Vista line is powered by a HyperCell lithium-ion battery.

Customers can choose from four-, six- or eight-passenger options in both EFI gas and lithium-ion powertrains, with the option to add additional power on lithium units to further boost performance and keep users powered for longer. For added operator and maintenance convenience, users can easily view speed, battery level (on lithium-ion models), fault codes and other key information on the LCD screen located on the dashboard.


The Toro Vista is available in 4, 6, or 8 person battery or gas-powered models.

The lithium HyperCell batteries are Toro's proprietary, patent-pending lithium-ion technology. Toro has implemented rigorous standards that require every battery to pass extensive environment and third-party certification testing. The distributed Battery Management System maximizes battery performance to enhance reliability and longevity. HyperCell batteries provide diagnostic information to simplify maintenance and service, and a recycling program is available for batteries that reach end-of-life.

"Vista has been thoughtfully designed for quality, strength and durability,"" said Toro product manager Marissa Garin in a news release. "Instead of extending golf cart frames, which can lead to a bent or bowed frame when heavy loads are added, we created a modern, robust frame design for each of the models. This helps ensure that guests travel comfortably and arrive safely.""

The use of TPO plastic in the body panels means every transport vehicle can be custom branded with decals, wrap or paint.

Vista features front and rear independent suspension, plenty of leg room and ample onboard storage space. The steering wheel is designed so the driver can easily get in and out of the seat. A standard, fold-down rear seat with grip texture and a lip around the edge provides easy storage for bulky items, such as bags or boxes, and holds these items in place during transport.

The parking brake activates and deactivates on lithium models, which means fewer brake adjustments and less maintenance. Hydraulic disc brakes allow for swift and sure stopping power.

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