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John Reitman

By John Reitman

Update to Toro's AquaFlow comes in drips


For professional turf managers who want their water, like Maxwell House coffee, to be good to the last drop, Toro recently launched its AquaFlow 3.2 drip irrigation software. 

7f6aa024015d619a4ab625700f6cd83a-.pngAquaFlow 3.2 allows users to design multi-sloped telescoping sub mains, can be customized for English or Spanish speaking users and measures water use in English or metric units. 

The system also supports Toros latest Thinwall dripline system. It also has an enhanced pull-down menu, offers improved reporting options and can instantly generate color-coded block maps that show system uniformity. 

The new system, which complements Toros 3.0 system, also offers users the ability to employ multiple sub-main and mainline pipe types and sizes and determine lateral and sub-main flushing calculations. 

For more information, visit www.toro.com . 

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