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John Reitman

By John Reitman

Upgrades come for Toro's GeoLink Precision Spray system

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A host of improvements are designed to make Toro's GeoLink Precision Spray system more efficient and user friendly. Toro photo

Toro has made improvements to its GeoLink Precision Spray system that are intended to improve efficiency and ease of use.

Updates include a larger display, enhanced cellular connectivity and improved auto-steering technology.

Since 2015, the GeoLink Precision Spray system has been helping turf managers save by using GPS technology to deliver product where it is needed and minimize overapplication. The GeoLink Precision Spray system also tracks the sprayer’s precise location for repeatable mapping. If an operator covers previously sprayed ground, the sprayer automatically turns individual nozzles on and off to avoid overapplication, helping golf course superintendents save product and money. 

New cellular technology automatically connects to the best signal on the property, regardless of carrier. The display is 40 percent larger than those on previous models and includes day and night mode for better visibility in direct sunlight. The GeoLink Autosteer feature keeps the sprayer on course to maximize efficiency, and the ExcelaRate control system, which is standard on the Multi Pro 5800 series, lets operators save the two most-used flow rates for repeat use.

Improved valves deliver even more precise nozzle control. The system also can now track twice as many satellites for improved efficiency and positioning, and also has a fallback feature if real-time kinematic positioning is temporarily lost.

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