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John Reitman

By John Reitman

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Videos highlight benefits of turf colorants

aed4b213b1e12d983ef21f43574fd4a4-.jpgBrown might be the new green, but not all golfers necessarily feel that way.


Becker Underwood has produced two informational videos posted to YouTube that can help superintendents impart the benefits of turf colorants to golfing members, committees and supervisors.


explains how colorants can help keep cool-season turf green later into the fall as well as provide consistent color during spring green-up. In that video, Becker Underwoods Mark Howieson, Ph.D., also explains how colorants can help superintendents produce green turf all year in the South without overseeding.


In the second video, entitled

, Howieson explains to viewers the importance of proper timing when applying colorants.


Applying colorants after turf growth has slowed but is still actively growing, the natural hue of the grass promotes a base color that off-color, dormant turf cannot provide.


Each of the videos is less than 2 minutes in length, and both can be linked from a superintendent blog or club Web site, and can be viewed during committee meetings.

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