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  • Peter McCormick

    By Peter McCormick

    Frankly Speaking with Mike Huck: Fire & Water 2018

      Original Publish Date: 12/14/2018

    mikehuck_2018.jpgIn this episode of Frankly Speaking, Frank Rossi chats with Mike Huck, principal of Irrigation & Turfgrass Services (Orange County, CA) during the recent California wildfires. What's with the wildfires? Why so many? For one, the Santa Ana winds that blow hot and steady for weeks on end. Secondly, increased density of trees sharing reduced levels of precipitation. Snowpack, drought, insect activity all enter into it.

    Using historical data, some of these fires could have been mapped in advance. And how does the federal government factor in?

    Listen in as Frank and Mike hash it out. Sponsored by Civitas and DryJect.


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