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John Reitman

By John Reitman

Balancing work and family

    01/14/2019 Lisa Goatley and Mike Goatley, Ph.D.

goatley100x200.jpgLisa Goatley, a licensed counselor with The Cascade Group, and her husband, Mike Goatley, Ph.D., professor of turfgrass management at Virginia Tech, discuss how to work toward achieving work-life balance in today’s hectic world. 

Together, they discuss ways families can stay engaged and connected even when they are not together and how creating rituals and habits can help keep things on track when they are together.  

Their presentation is based on Lisa’s experiences as a professional therapist as well as Mike’s travel-heavy job at Virginia Tech and how that has affected their own lives and those of their children.



Edited by John Reitman

Length: 1:05:15

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