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Peter McCormick

By Peter McCormick

Correct Use of Elicitors in Turfgrass Management

    04/27/2011 Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D., University of Nebraska

Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D., of the University of Nebraska will define elicitors and target how golf course superintendents can use them in turfgrass management programs. The presention will focus on use of elicitors such as phytoalexins, specific amines or amino acids, carboxylic acids, phosphites, silicon, glycoproteins and oligosaccharides, peptides, jasmonic acid, salicylic acid, sugar analogs and others and how they interact with the plasma membrane of undamaged cells and trigger activation of genes involved in a plant’s defense response. Dr. Gaussoin also will discuss the when, if and why superintendents might consider using elicitors in their program and the science behind the multitude of product claims.

Length: 1:23:42

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