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John Reitman

By John Reitman

Managing ABW in 2020: Challenges to existing programs and opportunities for success

    03/11/2020 Ben McGraw, Ph.D., Penn State

spacer.pngBen McGraw, Ph.D., of Penn State, presents an overview of the challenges facing golf course superintendents in managing annual bluegrass weevil in 2020. This presentation includes environmental and regulatory issues that are likely to impact programs in the near future. 

The presenter also provides updates on the latest research that is being conducted to develop control programs that integrate cultural controls with the traditional and novel chemistries. Scouting and monitoring programs is emphasized as a means to properly time controls, reduce total insecticide applications, and reduce the number of weevils contributing to future populations. 


Edited by John Reitman

Length: 1:10:56

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