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John Reitman

By John Reitman

Managing COVID-19-related stress and anxiety - a roundtable discussion

    04/22/2020 Paul MacCormack, Jodie Cunningham, Anthony Williams, Carlos Arraya

During these challenging times, it is understandable to suffer from stress and anxiety caused by issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and various levels of shelter-in-place orders implemented state-by-state. 
TurfNet put together a four-person roundtable discussion to address the causes for anxiety due to the global health crisis and hopefully offer some coping tips. 

The panel includes Paul MacCormack, Jodie Cunningham, Anthony Williams and Carlos Arraya, and they discuss a host of topics related to managing stress and anxiety at work and at home that have arisen out of the global health crisis.


Edited by John Reitman

Length: 1:57:36

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