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John Reitman

By John Reitman

Negotiating your way to success

    04/02/2020 Bruce Williams, CGCS, Brandt

spacer.pngAs the golf industry and the supply of golf courses in the pipeline continues toward correction, negotiating is an important skill golf course superintendents.

This TurfNet University Webinar by longtime superintendent, former GCSAA president and current international T&O manager for Brandt Bruce Williams, CGCS, teaches the basics of negotiating. This includes negotiating the details of employment contracts with potential future employers, how to negotiate with current employers and with vendors, suppliers and distributors. With the recent events of course closures savvy negotiating will be important to help courses and superintendents survive.

This presentation also includes tips on how to negotiate - in times of a global health and economic crisis - for staff retention.


Length: 57:00

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