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Steve Cook, CGCS MG: Conquering Ama Dablam

In this episode of Me Maintenance, Peter McCormick chats with Steve Cook, CGCS MG, Director of Grounds at Medinah Country Club, about his life-changing experience climbing Ama Dablam, a 22,000' Himalayan peak in Nepal in 2016. Integral to the project was a fund-raising effort for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, for which Steve raised $35,000. From the three years of mental preparation and physical training to the month-long trek and ascent itself, Steve recounts his motivations, personal desire

Let's all say the F-Word: FIRED!

Originally published almost twenty years ago in TurfNet Monthly, December 2002, the following is a primer on dealing with job loss, written from my personal perspective of experiencing it twice. The job killers, warning signs, emotional impact once it has happened, financial ramifications and dusting off and moving on. This is for everyone in the industry, because it deals with how we tend to treat those who have lost their jobs, and how we can better offer support than we typically do.  — Peter

Peter McCormick

Peter McCormick in Career

A Visit with Paul B. Hurst, The Most Interesting Man in Turf

Peter McCormick visits with Paul B. Hurst,  husband of Kristi, father of Nicholas, Madison and Molli, dogfather of Lyla, man of many hats, guitar-playing half of MidLife acoustic duo, instructor in the multi-part So, You Want to Be a Sales Guy video series, honoree of a 2021 TurfNet Jerry Coldiron Positivity Award, and arguably the Most Interesting Man in Turf. They chat about a recent Tweet of Paul's and how the social media success of his and Kristi's singing and "nitwitery" on Twitter ov

Peter McCormick: Job loss, depression and "Nobody likes an old drunk..."

Me Maintenance goes across the pond in this webcast with Stuart Butler on his HWOM — Henry Westons Old Mate blog and pod/webcast platform. Stu is a senior greenkeeper at Royal St. George's Golf Club on the Kent coast of southeast England, host site of The 149th Open back in July, 2021. Stu is also a recovering alcoholic — 4 years sober — who has embarked on a personal mission to share his story of recovery and personal growth for the benefit of others. Stu and I connected a month or so ago

Depression: One Superintendent's Struggle with the Quest for Perfection

Editor's Note: Originally published in TurfNet Monthly, May, 2003, the following was written by a TurfNet member who wanted to share his experience with the group. Since it's a personal story, however, he asked to remain anonymous. We thought it fitting to publish it again to provide context for upcoming conversations about depression with our Me Maintenance initiative. The author is now retired. Two years ago I suffered a depressive episode which many would call a "breakdown". It was no

Mike Lecavalier: From a dark place to fit, sober and happy

Mike Lecavalier has been the golf course superintendent at the Kanawaki Golf Club in Montreal, Quebec for 17 years. For 13 of those years, and quite a few prior, he had a serious alcohol problem. Almost four years ago he looked himself in the mirror and admitted to himself that he needed help, and turned to friends, then AA, and ultimately the gym and a personal trainer. Here is his story, in audiocast or video.

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