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Dr. Frank Rossi: Frankly Speaking

TurfNet RADIO "Direct" from Bangkok with Dr. Micah Woods

Posted 06 March 2015 · 1,970 views

In this episode of Frankly Speaking on TurfNet RADIO, I connect with my old Cornell cohort, Micah Woods, PhD, half-way around the world at his home office in Bangkok, Thailand.


As the chief scientist at the Asian Turfgrass Center, Micah is the co-author of the Global Soil Survey (GSS) that informs the Minimum Level of Sustainable Nutrition (MLSN) efforts with Pace Turf's Dr. Larry Stowell.


Take a listen to this lively discussion about turfgrass nutrition, soil testing, the MLSN guidelines, and the Global Soil Survey (GSS), and how each of can help produce some solid citizen science.  



You can download the .mp3 to listen while you're on the go.

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