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Dave Wilber: Turfgrass Zealot

The Turfgrass Zealot Project, Ep. #18 with Guest Jason Haines

Posted 07 March 2016 · 5,044 views

Jason Haines is one of an emerging class of Superintendent who is making environmental and financial difference with his Agronomy. 


His strongly scientific, minimalist approach isn't just because of his rather remote situation. It's because he's done the study about what is best for his facility and in turn his community. 


Of the episodes I have done so far, this is certainly one of my very favorite discussions. Jason's style is not to hold back, which has endeared him to some people and has made others raise a watchful eye. I'm pretty sure that he isn't worried about what others have to think of him. He's doing his best. Case in point, his March 6th Blog post about grubs, ravens and thatch.


I invite you to listen to this with an open mind. Forget some of the things that you think you know and see how a fresh approach has really made a difference... potentially keeping a small community's golf facility from being a loss.


The Turfgrass Zealot Project is sponsored by Klingstone. Proven Bunker performance for over 15 years. No one else can say that. http://www.klingstone.com.


To read more about Jason Haines, follow his blog at: http://www.turfhacker.com


Dale Wesselman
Mar 10 2016

Dave and Jason, that was a really fun hour and a half conversation to hear. Thanks.

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Jonathon Scott
Mar 22 2016

During my formative years in the profession, I always seemed to learn most when I had the least to work with.  Jason is a great example for true sustainability and a credit to his craft.  Great interview and one that should be listened to more than once.

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Dave Wilber
Mar 22 2016

Great comments, guys. Thanks so much!

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