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TZP Episode #4 with Extreme Supt/Athletes Thomas Bastis and Scott Bower

Dave Wilber


In the Turfgrass Zealot Project Episode #4, I chat with Extreme Super/Athletes Thomas Bastis (California Golf Club of San Francisco) and Scott Bower (Martis Camp, Truckee, CA).


Imagine spending 9+ days biking, treking, kayaking, orienteering and scrambling over 450 miles with an hour of sleep every 24 hours. And imagine calling this fun. Thomas Bastis and Scott Bower (along with Scott's wife Susan) don't have to imagine this. They lived it. And lived to tell about it. Hear about the adventures of Team Tahoe at the 2015 Primal Quest and their adventure racing history. Oh, and did we mention these guys are A-game superintendents?


Join me as I drill into the heads of these two turfheads and find out what being a world class athlete, husband, dad and superintendent is all about... and making it work.  I also lay on a little Turfgrass Zealot wisdom about nothing being permanent, fall renewal, and holding on too tight.



"Pain is temporary but memories last forever..." -- Thomas Bastis, CGCS


"I come back from these events a stronger individual... I'm a new person, mentally stronger, a better leader and a better manager of the whole operatio..." -- Scott Bower, CGCS



The Turfgrass Zealot Project is brought to you by Klingstone.

Outstanding Bunker Performance for 15 years.




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