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The Ultimate Job Security And Career Satisfaction? The Family Of Golf!

Jim McLoughlin


Because golf is played in 118 countries around the world by over 60 million people, it encompasses the deepest and most widespread fraternity known to man - recognized respectfully as The Family Of Golf.


What Is The Family Of Golf?

The Family Of Golf is the community of people who make up the core humanity of the golf world; i.e., those people who shape the playing and/or the staging of the game of golf.


Who Inherently Belongs To The Family Of Golf?

Regular playing golfers with official handicaps; those with a working knowledge of and a demonstrated support for the Rules Of Golf; Rules officials per se; golf professionals because they are seen as the gatekeepers of the game; club/course officials; golf association administrators and the like.


Are Superintendents Considered To Be Inherent Members Of The Family Of Golf?

They are not so perceived because the profession - lacking leadership in this regard - has consistently shown little interest in joining golf's fraternity and by so doing allowed themselves to be perceived as outsiders to the game.


Not a good position to be in when the game supports your profession because superintendents have paid a price for this cavalier attitude through the years.


The irony here is that golf course superintendents by the unique nature of their jobs would routinely be considered one of the more respected categories of members in the Family Of Golf if they elected to do so.


Can Superintendents Correct This Oversight?

Absolutely, in addition to meeting their responsibilities as golf course superintendents professionally, by taking the time to commit to the following:

  1. Required: Playing golf regularly including from time to time with members/players.

  2. Required: Earning and posting scores to earn an official USGA handicap.

  3. Required: Visibly meeting their responsibilities to support the Rules of Golf as presented in blogs dated Feb 5thand Feb 12th thereby qualifying for and, in fact, serving on their golf course/club Rules committee.

  4. Required: Increasing visibility as suggested in Oct 9th blog message.

  5. Optional: Taking and passing the PGA/USGA Rules test thereby, again, becoming eligible to become a member of their golf course/club Rules Committee.

No specific talent is needed by superintendents to join the Family only a willing participation in the game beyond their jobs and by so doing demonstrating a noticeable respect for the game.


The benefits that accrue to golf course superintendents once they are perceived as being members of the Family Of Golf are that they are virtually guaranteed:

  1. The benefit of the doubt whenever circumstances arise that might threaten their job security.

  2. An enhanced opportunity to secure their jobs through written employment agreements.

  3. A more certain path toward industry standard compensation packages.

  4. The most effective way to be acknowledged as true professionals and to earn optimum job security throughout their careers in golf.

Analysis through the years consistently shows that roughly 90% of dismissed superintendents were not perceived as being members of the Family Of Golf.


Superintendents declining to commit to become core members of the Family Of Golf where they would be welcomed with open arms is the equivalent of qualified professional golfers settling to compete on regional Pro Am circuits when they could qualify for the PGA Tour. 


It makes no sense, but this is what happens when leadership fails.


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