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Renovation Report: Straight Talk with Architect Mike Young

Dave Wilber


Golf course architect Mike Young and host Dave Wilber get into the reality of design, renovation, restoration and rehabilitation.


With over 40 designs under his belt, Mike Young has been a strong voice in the golf construction and renovation business for a very long time. A great communicator and an outspoken thinker, Mike doesn't suffer fools or pull punches when it comes to telling it like it is. Maybe it is his Georgia roots. Maybe it is just who he is. Perhaps both.


But quiet passion is still passion. And now Mike, along with his son, Ashley, finds himself in the position of owner/operator of golf courses. The hour flew by. Don't miss this very important guest, in a very important time in the history of golf design.


To learn more about Mike Young and Mike Young Design, go here.  To see Mike's videos with TurfNet's Randy Wilson, go here


The TurfNet Renovation Report is brought to you by Jacobsen and Golf Preservations... and is only found on TurfNet Radio.



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