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Selling Gypsum

Frank Rossi


Stuck in the house for the hurricane, waiting for the power to go off, I can honestly say it is dangerous to watch too much of the Weather Channel.  But I know they must be selling ad time like there is no tomorrow. Who knew you could have a generator at your house that could power a small city, or why I need to be in Good Hands or with my Good Neighbor, or have someone On My Side.

If I were selling ad time on The Golf Channel Id be calling all the major gypsum manufacturers and telling them if they place ads on the Golf Channel I can guarantee massive sales. I can hear the sales folks, many of whom I like, conceiving ways of selling something dirt cheap that has little effect on the problem for 300% profit.
Short term, everyone near the coast is screwed. The salt spray and flooding at this time of year is  like the cold blast of salt spray that our roadsides experience every winter. If flooding remains for any period of time, i.e., more than 12 hours  maybe longer if it is cooler and the soil it lands on is not saturated already  turf loss could be massive.

The salt spray and flooding at this time of year is like the cold blast of salt spray that our roadsides experience every winter

I assure you applying gypsum will not help. It wont hurt, but it wont help. Stay focused on the big stuff, i.e, getting rid of the salt water or flood water, work to remove silt or other debris, scratch the surface to prevent sealing from fines, and then give it a few days to dry and assess your loss.
If we get some sunny, windy weather the drying could move along nicely but this is ideal. Ask Rocco Greco of En Joie Golf Course in the southern tier of NY. Rocco and his staff worked nothing short of a miracle getting the course playable for a Senior Tour event last year after Hurricane Irene.
I am not positive, but I think if Rocco was asked what helped him he would say buying two firetrucks, not gypsum.


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