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Five Must-Do Tech Tips for Today's Superintendent

Matt Leverich


1935933f2f76947bc09cc2ae21d283c9-.jpgFrom time to time, we delve into the greater world of technology in this blog. There is an enormous amount of tech and platforms available out there; I certainly don't pretend to have an understanding of even a small percentage of what's available today. But I do know what seems to work best, and easiest, for most of us in our industry and in my daily experience working for many of you and what the knowledge level tends to be. 
That said, here are five things you totally should be doing in 2017. If this is old news to you, congrats! You're in good company in the industry. 
Microsoft has discontinued Internet Explorer in favor of a new browser called Edge. It's not great either in my opinion. But Internet Explorer (IE) is now obsolete. In fact, it doesn't even work with many newer websites and can cause security issues as well. There is no reason that any of you should continue use; the very few people who have a legitimate reason to keep it has to do with dated software outside of our industry, and it should only be used to visit that particular software. 
While there are various browsers to switch to, the best choice is Google Chrome. It is what most new websites and applications base standards on due to its webkit build structure (Safari on Mac does as well). It's a simple download, and the trick is to make sure to make it your default browser, so all links load in it instead of IE. Here's a link to doing just that: 
You're now on Chrome, awesome! You also need to upkeep on your browsing history. Websites and online applications constantly archive and track your history. They add cookies, store old pages, app data and much more. It can slow down your experience and also create issues with security in many instances, not to mention create functionality issues over time with web applications (I have experience here with our software). Be sure to clear your browsing data weekly, at a minimum; I do it every day. It will improve your online performance and protect you from threats. 
Here is a guide on clearing browsing data in Chrome.
This seems like old news but still needs to be covered. You're out in the field most of your day. Why not have access to all your critical documents at any time, anywhere. Services like Dropbox and Google Drive make this a breeze. You can organize files and folders in a multitude of ways and make sharing them very simple. There are numerous guides on these with a quick search for full details. I use Google Drive myself and it is great for keeping shared documents synced up and accessible anywhere.
I have covered this topic in detail before because it is so critical to running a well-organized operation. I do this with two concepts daily: Wunderlist and Inbox Zero. Wunderlist is an excellent piece of software that you can create various lists, tasks file reminders and so much more. I would have needed an assistant long ago without it. Inbox Zero is a concept (not an actual product) where you always clear out your email inbox by responding to emails at set times and creating action lists from those emails through a service like Wunderlist. Again, this is a wonderful way to be professional and organized, and honestly stand out from the crowd when it comes to communication. 
In addition, there are tons of new tech products specific to the industry you can add to your operation daily that can streamline things: chemical/fertilizer software, labor boards and tracking, hole locations, moisture meters, GPS sprayers, on and on. I'm happy to cover any questions you have on these products, just reach out if you need guidance. 
Sending a resume just isn't enough anymore. With the ability to display your work through imagery available through websites and online portfolios, there's no reason not to do it. You used to be ahead of the curve and stand out if you had a website, now you are behind if you don't. And there are ways to restrict access if you are worried about your current club so there's no reason not to be prepared for your next opportunity. 
Be careful putting your career online through social media though, it can cause more harm than good if not done properly. For a complete rundown on this, checkout a previous post here.
Meeting these 5 simple guidelines will make you a well-organized and tech-capable superintendent in today's marketplace. Again if you need any assistance or have questions feel free to let me know, happy to help.


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