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When Our Bodies Remind Us

Dave Wilber



I've been a little quiet the last couple weeks..


October was a blur of face melting insanity. If I told you how many hours I worked or how many miles I put on the vehicle, you'd never believe me. And I really don't care to brag about it amidst a crowd of people that work a zillion hours themselves. Seems pointless. Let's just say it was crazy busy and really, I like it that way. I don't know how to do it any other way. Call it work ethic or call it not having a life, but either way, it's me. 24/7 it's mostly about work and it pretty much always has been. That state can have benefits and hassles and I know them well.


November crashed into me as if I was being fired on by the DeathStar. Literally, it felt as if my planet just exploded. It started with a little cough and a few small asthma attacks. And every day it built until finally, Photon Cannons at full power were unleashed at me and I knew I was just going to be sick. No big deal. Happens to everyone. Happens to me more often, it seems, but only because I'm out on the road and wellthe road contains all kinds of germs and bugs and poisoned ice and clients with sick kids and well, you get the picture.


I've noticed my immune system getting weaker over the last few years, but this has been a bit of an eye opener. Sick turned into really really sick which turned into Pneumonia and it's gotten way more complicated than you really want to hear about unless you are really into medical dramas. Let's just say that staying home for a few days (or more) wasn't a suggestion, it became a necessity. In other words: Body. Not. Working. A not so subtle reminder that I've been overdoing it for way too many months. And I guess home is better than the hospital.


I've talked to a few of you (that is, while I could still talk) and it seems I'm not alone. The bugs are stronger. The days longer. The pressures greater. The results are tougher.


So here's my experienced reminder to you: Rest. Slow Down. Eat right. Do the right things. Rescue chemistry is just that. The weakened condition of the victim is much more worry than the overpowering invader of whatever bug you may have caught.



As for me, I'll be fine. My lungs may never be the same after two tours of battle, and that's a big price to pay. I'll answer for that, somehow. And perhaps it's time for me to stop talking about making some changes and actually make them. Not perhaps. It's gotta happen.


If this is you and it resonates with you good. If you are all good good. If you don't care or think you are a super herofoul. Get some rest!!


After allwhat do we Turfheads really do in the Winter?


Right? (Not!)


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