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Getting acquainted and comfortable... no problem!

Parker Stancil


Settling into a different country has been pretty easy for me. Thanks to my new friends who live at the employee housing and in various flats nearby, I've had a great deal of fun.


The Greenkeeper house, my home away from home.

Our greenkeeping crew has guys from many different countries, including Lithuania, Latvia, Scotland, Ireland, England, Denmark, Australia, Poland, and more. Many of these international employees have worked in several different countries such as Sweden or the Netherlands before coming to Great Northern.


The crew before the 5am morning meeting.

Everyone here understands how uncomfortable it can be to leave home and settle down in a foreign country, therefore, everyone has been very friendly and helpful since my arrival. Whether the other Greenkeepers have been nice or friendly jokesters, it's been great having them around.


Jokester Jack Smillie (right) messing around with Jack Darling during our lunch in Odense.

Being an American, I'm used to using microwaves and buying fast food to combat my hunger when my parents aren't there to make a home-cooked dinner for me. Cooking has been quite the hassle for the few weeks I've been in Denmark... and the closest McDonald's is 30 minutes away!


I'll have to travel to Odense or Nyborg if I want the easy and very typical American fast-food meal.

Although cooking has been a little difficult, a few of the guys who live with me have shown me a few tips and tricks to get by. During the first couple of weekends I was in town, my new friends spent time showing me around the towns and getting to know me by having cook outs, hanging out, and playing games.


Grilling some steaks, sausages, and more in Scott Dmuirs backyard.

One day several of the crew members took me to the beach in Kerteminde to play a friendly game of volleyball.


Volleyball on the beach at Kerteminde.

Vadims Arakejevs, one of our greenkeepers from Latvia, built a makeshift ping pong table out of a picnic table and some plywood to have an extra game at the house for passing the time.


Handyman Vadims with his top-of-the-line ping pong table.

Not only have my new friends invited me to play sports and relax at cookouts, but they've also invited me to tag along to Odense. Odense is the 3rd largest city in Denmark and is home to around 200,000 residents. The downtown areas are always very busy and attract many tourists with the different pubs, stores, restaurants, and more things it has to offer.


The streets of Odense have amazing architecture and small touches of design from different countries all around Europe.


Dave, Jack D., and Jack S. strolling down the streets of Odense with me.


A bunch of the guys grabbing a bite to eat at Café Siesta in Odense.


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