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Summertime Feeding?

Dave Wilber


The common question that I seem to be getting in the last few weeks has to do with feeding greens. While there can’t be a universal rule set for all the different climates we all work in, there are a few things that I like to see happen for best practice summer stress conditioning.


For me, consistency is key. Set your feeding schedule and stick to it. Sure, sometime things happen, but when we are doing it right, there isn’t much Nitrogen involved and so growth isnt a big deal.

Speaking of growth, it’s best if you are under some kind of regulation. My field work shows that best practice summers always have some growth regulation and that program is set and doesn’t change much.

Phosphite Rocks. There’s a lot to be said for Phosphite. If you don’t know, ask about this. I happen to be a huge fan of Grigg’s PK plus product, but there are others and the important part is that it’s there and in the program.

Carbon and Calcium round out the soluble/foliar picture. Getting both in the tank is a good thing and for me, nothing beats a good complexed Calcium product. Choice #1 is Earthwork’s CalVantage. Again, there are others, but this one works more wonders than anything else we have trials with.

So a solid stack spray might look like this:

  • A complexed Nitrogen around .1 pounds of N with a solid Carbon base.
  • A Phosphite.
  • A complexed Calcium.
  • Perhaps some Seaplant Extract, De-salinated Seawater or a solid bio blend of molasses, fish and humic acid.

There’s something to build from there. Of course you can add and re-rig to your heart’s content. And in some cases some situations call for a lot more. And, don’t bother telling me the world is flat and these type of materials don’t work. We are way beyond that.

But there isn’t an excuse for doing nothing. That’s the worst program there can be.



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