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Spring Symposium, Joel Simmons



DirtyHairyMonkey-300x224.pngI can’t find a decent picture anywhere of Joel Simmons and it’s too dark to take a good picture, so this will have to do. 

Joel is on a mission. He’s good at it and he’s taken way to much crap for understanding and going all in for a great thing. He’s saying things like “Give Me Humus or Give Me Death” and if you’ve followed anything that I’ve done or said over the years, you know that I believe in this and I live it as well. Joel and I have put our work into play at some pretty cool places and what we talk about and do works. It’s not pipe dreams or entertainment or just a way to sell stuff (oh by the way, neither of us has a Cushy University Deal, so RESULTS have had to count).

Zealot-Construction-225x300.jpgSo once again, Joel is here, working and talking about Carbon Based Fertility. The Gloves are a little off. Here is something good to read from Joel as to why he is speaking up. And I don’t blame him because those of us in the field have kind of had it with being told that the things we are doing that are working aren’t working. Absurd. Really absurd. And it is such an affront to so many Supers who have worked miracles by looking at things a different way.

I’m stoked to hear Joel speak. I’ve heard it before and I’ll hear it again. I live it. So do my “A” players. That oughta be enough. But because a buch of the AOG thinks they know better because they just wanna be different…it’s not going to be.



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