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Another Tip of The Cap Mangum from Feherty



There are times when it is just too much fun to get some credit and by goodness we don’t get enough.

When everything and everyone does what they should in event golf, then a lot of people nod their heads and say, “Yup, that’s what was supposed to happen”. That’s not true. If you’ve ever seen what goes on at a huge golf event, then you understand that really just about every decision is about keeping something from going wrong or keeping someone from jacking something up. What is supposed to happen is a course-wide total implosion where each and every golfer and corporate event tent gets sucked into the pump station inlet live on the Golf Channel. That’s what supposed to happen. Keeping it from happening at a Major is doing the job and doing it right.

David Feherty is a nutball, but he’s my kind of nutball and so seeing this video makes me happy. For Ken and Kasey and every last TurfHead involved, congratulations for an outstanding event.

Take a look at what Feherty has to say:




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